That's some heavy-weight polish

I have had some issues with Depend's polish in the past.
This bugs me because simply put: It's cheap & it's swedish - I should do everything I can to support them. In theory that is. It's been harder to practise what I preach as their polish is thick and takes ages to dry.
However, I think I may have stumbled upon the secret and it's to do exactly what I don't ever do when it comes to polish: use one thick coat. One layer that looks like a flood coming down on your cuticles and that's that.
Took some time to dry, but not anywhere near as long as 3 thin layers did, and going to sleep 30 minutes after applying left no dents or scratches.

Granted, it feels thick and as if I had the cheapest acrylics on, but the color is so lovely, I just don't care. I've been lusting after Depend's number 54 since I first spotted it on a blog, but knowing the formula, I haven't bought it....until now.

The photo was taken at Malmö's Reptile Center where Iggy, me and my brother went yesterday to photobomb some poor tourists' photos. Suddenly we stumbled across this pond where dry-ice made it all look like the scenery in some old video with Danzig. Perfect photo-opp!
The polish in the photo above is actually color-accurate while everything else looks odd. This polish just doesn't photograph well.

Another thing while I have you reading - I have to travel some miles to get to the closest Lush, so I would just like to ask - How many of you have tried the Lush Color supplements? I have read two reviews and the verdict was definitely not similar, but quite opposite.


Vedra said...

I think some drops of polish thinner and Seche Vite fast dry topcoat could solve your problem!

Lily said...

the color is very cute. but thick polish is very annoying :(
I live in the US and the LUSH here don't offer cosmetics!! I wish they did though.


schmut said...

->Vedra: I could and I should use thinner, but it annoys me that you have to do that with a brand new polish. Most of their polish are like that and it's a shame because they have a good color-selection for a very reasonable price

->Lily: We didn't have the cosmetic-line before either and I still think we just have a limited range unlike the brits, but it's getting there/here. I hope...

Sarah said...

I think Depend sometimes looks cheap. I mean, the formula. But they do have some cute colours. I have this purple, metallic polish with silver glitter in it, it is lovely and I haven't seen anything like it.

The Green Fairy said...

Depend is sold in Singapore. It is cheap but I HATE THE FORMULA. It stains like no one's business even with 2 coats of basecoat...

W. Rinkles said...

This nail polish color is looking very much attracted and this is also seems to be consist of nail art. Nail paint choice is very nice.

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