Top dollar, if you got the dough

One thing, or rather two things, that makes me excited about fall being just around the corner, is that I get to use my favorite skincare products again. Slightly too rich and demanding during the summer, especially a hot clammy one like this, but perfect for the rest of the year.

I usually don't use a so-called purchased exfoliant, but rather go with a moist kitchen towel. Threadbare, old and scrubs just like the finest of sand. Nothing store-bought has ever been better than this old beauty-tip from the grannies of granny....until Stem Organics Smooth Skin Exfoliant.
While a towel may be somewhat rough on the skin depending on just how threadbare it is, Stem isn't. It's smooth and fine.
However, it's the Oil that really won me over. I use it on my face, lips, elbows, cuticles and sometimes even in my hair. Works wonders and smells divine.

The only thing that it has against it, is that I can't really afford it. The oil is $40 for 50ml/1,7fl oz and the exfoliant about a dollar less.
That's the problem with most organic products. A catch22 - using organic products is what I (we?!) want to do but I (we?!) can't afford  to try it. By not buying it, I am not supporting the companies that make organic products which means that in the end, if everybody was like me, there wouldn't be any organic products. No market, no products.
While the organic produce have become cheaper and easily accessible to public over the last 15 years, organic skincare and makeup is still quite pricey. Sometimes it seems organic just isn't for the working class. They get to stick with parabens and formaldehyde.

I won my Stem Organic products in a giveaway so I got to try them for free. I got to love them for free. However, I doubt I would have spend almost $80 on these products if they were new to me.  Would you?


Nailtastic said...

I'm a little skeptical about organic skin care since the only two products I've tried, both eye creams, gave me terrible reactions around the eye area which lasted for weeks. Since then I've been hesitant about trying anything organic again, though there are several brands I find tempting, Stem Organics beeing of one them.

Skulda said...

I would try a sample size, but unless it really blew me away I'd probably stick with the towel.
If I can't afford a product that is cruelty-free or organic and all that good stuff, I'd rather go natural. Honestly I'm so broke lately that I *do* go natural. Pampering will wait until I can afford to spend money on fancy products. :/

snooze. said...

You're so right. Every time I go out to buy me some skincare products, I always end up with a cheaper non-organic product. I really hate it, but what can I do, I'm still a student ;(

nihrida said...

I can't afford it either. But once I have a job and if it would be really a HG product, I probably would buy it. Although I don't believe in these so called ''organic'' products. God knows if all the ingredients are really organic. And let's be honest: sometimes they just say it's organic (or bio) so they can put a high price tag on it.

schmut said...

That's my experience with Body Shop. While it may not be organic but only "natural", a lot of their products make me break out in hives. Why should I pay more to get less just because it says natural on the jar? I wouldn't continue buying ordinary shit if it made me break out, so why am I letting these other more earthfriendly companies get away with it.
I guess because it's playing on our guilt. Can I, little old me, ditch this treehugging panda-loving creme, just because it makes me eyes water?

However, I do believe in the different organic licensing - if a product has it, it is. However, it's up to the consumer to know what these different licensing stand for becuase it's a jungle really.

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