Walking the green line

Recently I've been in a green phase and I just got 2 to add to my collection. They're both a brand I haven't heard about before - Golden Rose. I googled it and found some old blogreviews and a website, but nothing more. Why? Wrong side of the sea? Not enough pr through the right channels? Bad rep? From what I can gather from the american website, they're cheap enough to be hoarded en masse and the color-range is pretty good.

I gave mine a quick testdrive and while they weren't opaque (actually far from it, 4 coats and still visible nail line), they were easy to work with and dried fairly quick. One looked like a neon in the bottle (2nd from the left) but was more a green grapes-type of green than a true neon. The other polish was a sheer pear-green jelly with glass specks.

The only thing that bothers me is that I can't find a list of ingredients. Not on the bottles and not even on the original website. But then again, I guess the general public cares less about what's 3free and what's not, than the nailoholic does?


nihrida said...

Maybe that's why they don't sell it in Europe as much. List of ingredients is a must in EU.

schmut said...

-Nihrida: There are a lot of brands that don't have lists. Depend being one of them.

Sminkan said...

Men var köpte du dem??? Jag har aldrig hittat Golden Rose på någon webshop som skickar till Europa. Jag har länge suktat efter massor av Golden Rose.

schmut said...

->Sminkan: En vän köpte dem till mig i Bosnien. Cirka 7 kronor stycket.
Det är ju ett europeiskt märke från början men de verkar ha delat upp sig mellan Turkiet och Usa numer.

Sminkan said...

Jaha... Jag kunde just tro det. Emma köpte ju massor av Golden Rose i Bulgarien förra året men jag åker ju ingenstans... Nå, förr eller senare löser det sig väl.

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