Where do you put your toothpaste?

I was debating whether I was going to post this because strictly, it's not makeup and it's definitely not fun. But, it might belong under the cosmetics-category and it's one where I have been trying to go natural for a while. Yes, there's that word again, natural. What it means depends on who's using it and whether it's always better for you, that isn't as obvious as one would think.
Nevertheless, my polish-addiction aside, I wouldn't mind having less chemicals in my life.

So, when I had the chance to win a toothpaste/whitener marketed as the natural option by EVA in a giveaway, I jumped at the opportunity. While my current toothpaste may not contain triclosan, it has an list of ingredients that's almost as long as this post.
My last encounter with natural toothpaste was pure horror (anisflavored vomit) but keep in mind, that was maybe 15 years ago. A lot has happened since then. I hope.
First off, the hygenic aspect of this is pure horror. Powder in a big jar. Dip your toothpaste. That's not the brightest idea, so I just put some on a cup and dipped my brush into that.

Did it work wonders? Are my teeth whiter than any marshmallow? Does my breath make the birds sing?
Not really. It's nothing spectacular. I haven't noticed any change in my teeths' coloration yet (5 days in) and as a toothpaste, it's just a more expensive version of the old classic DIY-paste out of bakingsoda. For instance, How it all vegan has a good basic recipee for toothpaste as well as mouthwash.
The only difference is that with this, you have Sodium perborate and Sodium lauryl sulfate added as active ingredients. They're the guys that supposedly are going to make your teeth white(r).
I guess this is where it gets a bit tricky - the former is an ingredient that shouldn't be used on or near lips. Apparently, you shouldn't handle it unless using gloves. That is what I put on my brush and into my mouth. Then I spit it out.

Natural eyh? Guess I will use this as regular bakingsoda, a cleaning detergent. I bet it will be a killer on those dye-stains in the shower.
The Eva Whitener retails for $24 and contains about 1,6 ounces.


nihrida said...

I'd say ''no thank you'' to that. =) I like my toothpaste the way it is. In a tube. Organic/natural or not.

Megan Harmeyer said...

Umm...wow. I know if we actually knew what we put in our bodies, we wouldn't eat a great majority of it. But, in this case, I think ignorance is bliss.

Skulda said...

I'll have to keep using major brand toothpastes that help for sensative teeth until I find a natural equivilant that doesn't taste like crap. :P

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