Going from Grandma's

What do you get if you take your what could be your grandma's wildest nailpolish, which is most likely a lilac creme (in my case this was an old franken), and add your most hated polish to it? You get something that looks like Eyeko's raspberry fatbalm but with golden shimmer. The fat balm might be one of my favorite makeup-products of all time, but it's not a color I want on my nails.
You realize that hey, you're still in grandma-land and this isn't satisfying to anybody so you move on, add some Happy grey and some Outta bounds from China Glaze. All of a sudden you have something that looks like graphite with green undertones. In the sun, which is in hiding today, it should almost look like a nice duo-chrome. I think I actually like this one.
The frankening-bug got to me and let's just say, I've filled my bottles. Now I am looking for juggs, namely the FrankenJuggs. I think I might be the only polishoholic that doesn't have a drawer filled with empty bottles. I have now come to realize it's just as important as filled bottles...


Megan Harmeyer said...

I like those both!! I seriously need to get some empty bottles to Franken with.

Sarah said...

What does franken mean? *been wondering a while*

schmut said...

->Saeah: To franken is to make you own Frankenstein. Taking the best of the best, hoping it will be the ultimate ma..eh no, polish.
It's not about making polish fram scratch, but rebuilding and customizing what you already have.
The frankening queen is http://drfrankenpolish.wordpress.com/

Melanie said...

I'm your new follower. Really like your blog! Maybe you could check out mine sometime: www.melaniesnailpolish.blogspot.com

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