MNY in the house!

When I read at Lipglossbitch that Maybelline New York with it's cute Nylon-like packaging was coming to Sweden, the cynic in me figured it was probably going to be a lot more expensive than it's supposed to be. That's what you get for living in Europe, everything that might be considered budget-friendly on one side of the pond gets overpriced on this side. So, when I heard that MNY was going to try and stick close to the original price-settings, I figured it was wishful thinking.

While I may be a cynic, there's still hope in my heart so I went to look for MNY in some of the stores where it was supposed to be sold and imagine, the prices were much like those at HM. Affordable color to the people, yeah!

While the nailpolish-range wasn't anything spectacular, there was still enough for me to make it hard narrowing it down to 3 bottles. Hadn't I been on a very tight-budget, I'd easily walked away with 6 or 7 polishes. A 7ml polish was 29.50:- ($4.30) which can be compared to Depend's polish which is 25:- for 5ml ($3.65).
There was also a moment where I wanted to buy a piece of the display, but that's just me - hooked on good design/kitsch.


amusedPolish said...

wow, they doubled the price because the polishes retail for 2€ (about 2.6$)

Sarajessica said...

Jag sprang på MNY i byggkaoset på Åhlens i måndags och köpte två lack, kunde få ner det till bara två färger. Ville kolla kvaliteten med, det grönskimriga är helt ok än så länge. :)

Nailspotting said...

Oh, nu har jag surfat runt på din blogg en stund och du är nu min nya favoritblogg! Gillar skarpt dina foton, superfina :) Me likey!

Sminkan said...

Mm! Den röda såg himla fin ut!

Sarah said...

Oh, nice.

sublim said...


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