Repetition does it

Sun's been in hiding for a while so I haven't been able to capture the wonder that is Zombie zest. To be honest, for a while there I was thinking that the zest was all surface and no play. It took ages to dry. Didn't work with Orly's Bonder. Didn't work with Essie's Marshmallow (which I wanted to use as a base to make the zest pop). But, did work well on it's own. No basecoat and it was a go. With no sunshine, the zest was a bit dull so I added a graphite-grey moon, Over the top, by Essie.

The manicure in the picture is a bit worn - it's it's 3rd day. 4 coats plus the Essie. However, I must say that while I don't like chipped nailpolish, I do like a worn manicure as long as it acts like worn denim. Gives a manicure some character. That or I am just lazy and making excuses. I guess the cuticles might give you a clue.


Megan Harmeyer said...

This looks great!! And I love how you have your hand like Thing (from The Addams Family).

Skulda said...

I like it!!

gio said...

That looks beautiful!

makeupoholic said...

Snyggt - både kombinationen av färger och hur fint du fått till halvmånarna!

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