Somewhat hooked on a certain Zombie

I lust for Zombie zest in a way that is not entirely sane or even ok. If I stumbled upon it, I would not just buy one but two because I'd really like to put one next to me on my pillow. Ok, not really, but it's not far-fetched. I don't think I have ever been so gaga over a makeup-product before. It looks different in every swatch. It goes from olive to lime to muddy waters. It's divine.

However, there's 87 bottles of nailpolish in my box. That's a lot. Sure, still nothing compared to my record-collection or even my pez-collection, but still. Can I justify a new buy? I already know the answer seeing as most of you are hardcore polishoholics, but I'm not there yet.
So, I decided to franken myself if not a dupe, then something similar. My first attempt just looked like snow that had an unfortunate encounter with a bunch of dogs. My 2nd attempt got way too much blue in it and I just couldn't get it more...swampy. Muddy swamp, not the Swamp thing, he's far too neon!

My 3rd attempt looks nothing like Zombie zest but I think I still like it. I should add some brown polish to the batch to make it look more like what I was looking for but hey, I don't even have a brown nailpolish! Which brings me to the conclusion - sure, I can buy more nailpolish. I don't even have a brown yet!
And when I got thinking, I realized that my frankening had used up some of my favorite polish, and we can't have that can we, so I really need to replace my Nail junkie from Sinful as well as Yellow polka dot bikini från China glaze (which is the two biggest ingredients in the franken above. I also used the Happy Grey mentioned earlier and one of my own purple helly frankens).

So now I am saving up money for more polish...and I'm only using ugly polish for frankening. Ugly plus ugly must be a good thing, plus, I won't be wasting the good stuff.


nihrida said...

You need to get it if you're so in love with it! =) And that's not just a nail polish junkie talking.

jellynat said...

get it before you regret not having done so... ;)

krex said...

-- blir +!

April said...

I have a small bag of uglies to use in frankening. It's super fun if you are happy just throwing some stuff together and seeing what happens. I've made 2 so far and I love them both! You can find the first one on my blog.

schmut said...

->All: I think you're right. I need this polish. And who needs food anyhow..hehe

Lily said...

ooo zombie zest looks awesome! your attempt is good!


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