A white week, a wet weekend

It's not that I have fallen out of love with polish and it's siblings for the face, but I just hadn't had any time over to have them come visit. I've been in a grey zone, reading up on social research methods and doing what a good student does.

Now it's finally weekend and I get to indulge. What do I do? Go grey completely. A good grey though. Not that there are any bad grey shades, it's just a metaphor. A saying that completely buries the sweet color that it is. Our very first pastel. The first color, a baby of the two non-colors black and white.
This, as it has been lately, is yet another good one from HM. I never thought I'd say it, but that brand has it's moments. Not when it comes to clothes or accessories, but certainly nailpolish and sometimes even makeup.

This is a grey creme that isn't as opaque as one would wish but just as it's named Happy grey, it is a happy color. Has a warm tone to it that makes it more vivid. It might not change the world, but it's a good polish. Smaller bottle that the ones I've been buying in the past, but still, a 10,5ml (0,3fl oz) will last you a ... month or so. The bottle itself is more stylish than HM's bottles usually are and it feels more Top Shop than HM with it's "I love beauty" message on the cap.

The other polish in the picture is a cheapie, Tropical Manicure shade #65, that will probably accompany this grey later on this weekend. Right now, the grey looks like a good friend but I just know, it won't last. I am not grey. A wallflower may be, but certainly not grey.


Sarah said...

I like H&M's clothes... They have some nice, classy items. Their accessories are kinda boring though. And I have never tried their makeup or polish. Their polishes are very basic, to me. Except for those holos they had, that I stupidly enough did not buy.

schmut said...

->sarah: While this polish might not be one of a kind and sure, it is basic, I think it's a good buy. More greige than beige.

VenusInVirgo said...

I love that shade of gray!
now following you,care to follow back XOXO

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