Another thing I don't get

The cracked nails by BYS had me interested. The cracked/graffiti nails by Isadora didn't. Then Barry M released their version of the cracked nails and suddenly, I'm interested again. One could guess that this strange reaction might have something to do with my aversion to Isadora's mighty big brush? I definitely think it does so to prove myself wrong and write myself off as a bitter tart, I bought a bottle of Graffiti nails by Isadora. At a sale, but still, I purchased it. Color called Masterpiece pink. Put it over Purple pop by China Glaze which had topcoat of HM's Hello Kitty Glitter purple, which together was arather stunning Liberace-style type of manicure.

Now my nails look like varicose veins . That's mighty Halloween, isn't it?
Sure, it dries ultra-fast. An easy way to spice up an old worn manicure when you're too darn lazy to deal with it and you know that glitter isn't what you're looking for
My result was so Eh.. that I didn't even botter with cleaning up - this comes off in the shower in an hour.


Sminkan said...

Jag gillar faktiskt det här rosa crackle-lacket. Tyckte det var rätt häftigt när jag testade det. Men jag körde på ett tjockt lager för då får man bredare sprickor i det. Går alltså att få olika effekter om man experimenterar lite. Mitt såg ut som sprucken, grisskär hud! :D

nihrida said...

That's too bad... And I don't know why, but I always read the name of this product as giraffi nails. XD

Nea/ Fashioned in Finland said...

Nihrida: LOL, it really looks like giraffi nails :D I have the back one, I fist hated it but I started to like it... I don't think this pink is bad either :)

I'm now testing P2 Crackling in silver, it's nice over dark nail polish <3

snooze. said...

I don't own any crackling polishes, but I'd love to try one! I think this combo looks pretty cool.

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