Be purple, be yourself

You know it's Wear purple day?
I know all these colors and ribbons confuse a lot of people, for instance October is pink as well as green, but every now and then, there's just that something you know you need to support.This is one of mine. I'm wearing Grape pop by China Glaze (a nice creme that is opaque in one coat) and if it wasn't for this very occasion I wouldn't have noticed that I have far less bottles of purple nailpolish than of any other color. I think I need to scout for some more. Say, what's your favorite purple?

In the picture you see two HM Hello Kitty glitters in purple, Grape pop by China Glaze and in the back, the matte version of Lincoln park after dark by OPI, a purple that is so dark it's almost black.


Megan Harmeyer said...

Yes, it IS wear purple day - and I'm wearin' it! I'm the opposite of you. I have more purple than any other color in my collection. I don't mean to always pick up purple, but I do. LOL

nihrida said...

Today is also world osteoporosis day... Every day is a day for some disease/occupation... something. =)
My favorite purple? There are to many, but the one that I think it's the most true is ChG Grape Pop.

Sarah said...

I didn't know, but I wore purple anyway. Yay!

I really can't choose one purple. I love purple too much. Besides, I have so many untried purples, it wouldn't be fair to say something before I have tried them all. Of those I actually have tried I liked ChG - IDK, Zoya - Zara, Depend - 58, IsaDora - Icy Purple, Nubar - Hyacinth Sparkle... Grape Juice looks lovely, but I haven't tried it yet. Anklets Of Amethyst also looks wonderful, but I haven't tried it yet. Both ChG. OPI - LOL. All of these are anything but creme though, maybe you prefer cremes... OPI - Pamplona Purple is a creme and a pretty purple. Zoya - Malia too.

Maestra said...

I have tons of purples in my stash. Love them probably as much as my greens and blues. Today I'm wearing Barry M - Indigo, which is mostly blue but you can clearly see that it's also purple. Does this make any sense to you? LOL

I really can't pick my favourite purple. There are too many gorgeous purples out there and also in my stash.

Karoline said...

Men det är väl inte förrän på onsdag som det är "wear purple day"? Den 27e?

schmut said...

->Karoline: Nej, tyvärr så har Facebook-eventet fel. Läs kommentarerna där så ser du att den internationella dagen var i onsdags

makeupoholic said...

Jag har inte heller så många lila! Bland dem jag gillar bäst finns Catherine the Grape från OPI (men det är inte en ren lila utan drar rätt mycket åt vinrött och grått. Snyggt som bara den :-) IsaDora Pure Purple är också en favvo - mellanmörk plommon med ett fint rödaktigt skimmer.

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