Care for the necessities?

I rarely try to fix what goes wrong during the day. If it slides, let it slide. Smudges? Ah, never did mind a smokey eye.
I rarely bring makeup with me unless I travel. During the day, I don't do nothing that could be considered maintenance, so concealer, powder and all that stays at home. Don't fix it if it isn't broken and if it is, focus on better things.

Now I don't know if it's you guys that got me thinking I should or if it's maybe, or more likely, my aging that has made me think that I need hourly maintenance, but I finally bought a nice makeup case to come along in my bag. Now I just need to figure out what needs to be in it. Toothpaste, Carmex, concealer and what more? What is it that you all bring with you? I wouldn't mind bringing my polish so we could cuddle and make out, but I wouldn't use it.

The vanity bag is a Sourpuss bought through Bad Reputation. It's Misfits and the very same image that my husband has tattooed on his chest. Keeping it in the family, sort of.


Megan Harmeyer said...

That is an AWESOME bag!! The only thing I bring with me on a regular basis is lipstick/gloss. But if I'm out for something specific where I'm all made up, I'll bring powder and blush, etc.

黃愛玲 said...

You have such a lovely blog. =o)

Jorid said...

I have a mirror, hairband, a mini body butter from Korres and a Crazylibellule and The Poppies perfume (solid) in my makeupbag. The lipbalm is in my pencil case, because its always on the desk with me.

Love your blog btw! Great design. Snyggt!

Sarah said...

I don't bring much with me when it comes to beauty. A mirror, a hair brush, tissues and lipgloss. That's it.

Sarah said...

...which makes sense since I don't really wear make up (unless I'm going out to some bar maybe).

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