Do you ever find yourself staring at your bottles?

I've been spending some quality time with My private jet lately. It's one of those polishes that people tend to love or hate, and I've been in neither category. Until now.

I had applied two layers of MNY's 669, a perfect graphite grey, but the application wasn't perfect. Far from it. Instead of starting over, I decided to do some layering. Add some depth. One layer of My private jet made it look nice and the 2nd livened it up good! Took the yellow tint out of the MNY and brought some of the teal from the OPI. The result in itself isn't that interesting but my experience with My own private jet made me revaluate that particular polish. It may chip pretty darn fast but it most definitely brings something new to the party every time. Depending on the weather and the light, it looks completely different. My daughter described as Turd-polish and from a distance, sure. This summer I could only see the teal shine through but as autumn approached with it's specific light, suddenly, it's more pink'ish brown. What will it look like when the winter hits with it's icy blue light?

I am so much of a nerd I think I need to google pictures of this polish just to see what it looks like at your place.


Sminkan said...

Jag har två flaskor av MPJ men från två olika versioner av det. Dels den brunaktiga med mycket holografisk effekt, dels den grå med mindre holo. Det är verkligen ett speciellt lack, särskilt med tanke på att det finns fyra olika versioner av det. :D

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