In the rearviewmirror

I never did snap a good picture of the MNY-polish that got me all dizzy with excitement, #665, so I decided to do that today. Unfortunately, it's cloudy and that polish needs a bit of sun to come to life, but I compared it to Orly's Witches Blue so you could get a hint on where on the colorscale this lands.
MNY's blue is a greyish blue, like good ink. First layer is a lot more grey but the more layer you add, the more the blue comes out. MNY is the one closest to the camera. Both 2 layers on no base and no top.

My guess is tht the MNY #665 is close to another lemming of mine, OPI's Ink. Does anybody know how they compare? Is OPI more purple like Indian Ink?


29 said...

i bought MNY the other day and somehow it just looks weird. I prefer OPI.

Nailtastic said...

Du har fått en award av mig! :-)

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