3 from 1, part 2

Yet again, I'm late on this, but better now than never as this time it's about nailpolish! Varnish, lacquer, nagellack, whatever you call it, that's this weeks theme.
What's your favorite cremes? Unfortunately, I'm not a creme person. It's just not my favorite finish. I like a couple, have a bunch but I mostly use them for layering unless it's a polish that really stands out. I tend to get tired off a creme a lot faster than off a jelly or a glitter. However, these are my 3 favorites :
  • Orly's Mandalay Ruby (Is this creme or jelly? Nobody seems to know)
  • Sinful Color's Dream on
  • China Glaze's Grape pop
However, looking at the other bloggers' posts (especially Sminkan's) I realize that I need to get more green and petrol cremes. A good limegreen creme and a peagreen creme would be idea.


nihrida said...

Cremes are my favorite. I agree with you about the Grape Pop (it's the best creme purple there is). Another worth mentioning are: BPAL's Croquet and Mme. Moriarty, H&M Bella's Choice and Blue My Mind, Pure Ice French Kiss, P2 Dangerous, Essence Meet You in Budapest... There are SO many. =)

schmut said...

P2 and Essence are brands I wish we had over here; they have a lot of great cremes.

I'm suprised not many of the other bloggers mentioned For Audrey or Bella's Choice. I have neither but they're definitely on my good side, ie, lemming list

Sminkan said...

Många verkar ha svårt att uppskatta krämlack, vilket är synd för man får så vacker nagelform med krämlack tycker jag, alltså nagelns form framhävs snyggt. Och så är de så glossiga och härliga. Spana på Sinful Colors Innocent om du gillar grönt. Den är verkligen häftig!

Åsa said...

Så vackra färger, alla tre!!

Chloé said...

sv: tror du det räcker med att ta bort att det står att jag är 16? ^^

Emz said...

Tack! :D Dina foton är inte så tokiga de heller ;-)

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