3 from 1, part I

Swedish makeup- and beautyblogger Helena asked her readers and fellow bloggers what their favorite 3 items to use in the shower is. This is my answer:
A: The oatmeal from Lush that is also known as Curly wurly.
While it is not something I would recommend to those that have dyed their hair and would like to maintain that color, I would recommend it to everybody else. My kid loves it and I love it even though it drains all color in no time. Permanent haircolor is no challenge for Curly wurly.
It might be darn expensive and somewhat hard to rinse (shredded coconut in curly wet hair? It takes time!) but it's the first schampoo I've ever tried that doesn't make my scalp itch or makes the hair feel dry and frizzy. A good haircolor is easier to find than a good schampoo so I am sticking with this one.

B: A nice kitchen-towel. The older and the more worn, the better. Thread-bare - even the better. I rarely use scrubs or peeling, I use a towel. Seems eco-friendlier and doesn't have the goopy, gluey feeling to it that most scrubs have. Use once, throw it in the washer. Repeat.

C: This is a tie between Snow Fairy from Lush, a lovely bodyshower that smells like those candy-hearts with words on them, or a proper foot-file. While the latter sounds odd that's something I've learnt the hard way through working in restaurants - you need to take good care of your feet. Daily good care. When your legs start to ache after a long day, it's usually the feet that needs some intensive care.
Rather than to use a foot-scrape or other tools that looks like they could be considered weapons, use a foot-file more often. Your whole body will thank you.


Megan Harmeyer said...

I've never heard of Curly Wurly - I might have to give that a try. My naturally wavy hair is parched!

snooze. said...

Snowfairy! <3 You're right about your feet, nothing more gross than gross feet.

sublim said...

Du har en award att hämta hos mig.:)

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