Don't be fooled by the pricetag

I know that a lot of polishoholics think that the MNY range of nailpolish isn't worth a dime. I know that even more makeupbloggers think that MNY as a whole is cheap crap that should solely be thrown to the fashion-hungry pre-teens. However, I like their nailpolish. It might not be the best product on the market, but competing in the true budget-range, it comes out a winner.
What I expect from a good polish is that it's color accurate (bottle vs layers on nail), easy to work with (rather thin than thick and lumpy), won't get matted down in no time and won't chip just because you waved like Paris.

While the color-range at MNY might not be all that exciting, it certainly has a couple of tricks up it's sleeve. 2 of those are seen above accompanied by 3 Hello Kitty glitters (the foil is the winner of the 3) and the magnificent MPJ by OPI.
Left to right:
  • MPJ by OPI.
  • 669 by MNY
  • 445 by MNY (nr 2 from the left)
  • Silver Kitty by Hello Kitty @ HM
  • Kitty Queen by Hello Kitty @ HM
  • Kitty Princess by Hello Kitty @ HM
All 2 layers though some might have needed 3.

So, what am I saying? Not much other than don't be fooled by the pricetags. Beauties come in all price-ranges.


Gejba said...

I agree with you. Since I own few hundred polishes ranging from 1 EUR to more than 15 EUR, I think I can safely say that you can find brands in lower price range that are awesome and polishes in the higher range that suck. Quality varies between polishes of the same brand, let alone different brands.

My main issue with MNY polishes is the lack of colors. But I love no. 761 - deep green shade. <3

Megan Harmeyer said...

In my opinion, if you like it, who cares if it's only a buck? I've gotten more than a few Wet 'n Wild polishes for less than $2 that I love. And I've also spent $10 on a polish that I hate.

Emmie said...

I bought three polishes and I actually quite like them. One of them stayed on for a week with only minimum damage at the tips with no base coat or top coat. I call that a winner.

nailspotting said...

Jag stal din översättning av Lip Gloss Bitch 1Beauty3a, hoppas det är ok? Säg till annars :) Jag kom verkligen inte på någon annan översättning :P

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