It's my first time - be gentle

I know that to come nailpolish-conaisseurs, polish is nothing without proper basecoat and most importantly, topcoat. I rarely use basecoat and I have never ever used a topcoat. I wouldn't mind something that makes my polish dries faster and stay on longer, but so far, topcoat has been an expensive affair. All the good ones are expensive and cost more than a polish, which leaves me debating (with myself and my wallet) if I shouldn't just go for color over maintenance?
I always go for color, it's the easy choice. Color is why I love polish, not because I want to keep my nails flawless. I am not really a girl who goes for flawless anyways..
This time though, I went for color and maintenance - it all was on the less expensive side.
Still not as cheap as on Ebay but a lot cheaper than in stores, so I went with it, Nagelglädje at Tradera. 90 sek ($13.80)  for a Seche Vite which usually retails for 120 sek (18.45) in local (as well as online) stores. I know that to you americans, this is still a sum that makes your wallet scream and run for cover, but over here, we're used to it. We get everything a day late and a dollar short pricier.

Now I am just hoping that this little bugger is as good as you all have been saying.


Megan Harmeyer said...

Oh, it's awesome. It just gets super goopy toward the middle to end. I've heard/seen that Seche now makes a thinner...might be a good investment.

Skulda said...

Megen is right, but it's still my favourite top coat. A tip I can offer is to "cap" your tips. After brushing it on the nail just dab some on the ends of your nails to prevent shrinkage. Not always, but sometimes Seche Vite can shrink depending on the polish and how many coats you have on. Capping it just helps prevent the polish from shrinking away from your nail tips making it look like tipwear. It offers some extra wear protection too.

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