My hair has got needs!

My hair's curly and dyed, re-dyed and dyed some more. I say hair, you say brittle. Add some hairspray and you'd have cottoncandy.That's how bad it is.
While I love my conditioner, American cream from Lush, it doesn't do what it has to do during the winter. It just doesn't. My hair looks lik a bird's nest.

So I am looking for good hair treatments, hot-oils, masques, etc and the more natural, the better. No silicones and such. I save the scary chemicals for the nails and my nails only. That's one obsession where it's hard to go natural, but the hair? Shouldn't be that hard. An important issue is that what I use for my hair, my 4-year old daughter wants to use, so I want it a bit safer than your regular haircare.

I tried the Macadamian hair oil and while did something (not much), it was not very natural (despite it's description) and it was rather expensive. If I am going to pay that much to have nice hair, I want to buy a product that won't take a crap on the environment. I want something my kid can use herself without me thinking the WHO will be knocking on the door, telling me I am doing harm to my kid.

So any and all advice - what do you use? What have you been hearing good things about?


helena said...


Jag har testat att blanda ägg och olivolja och ha i som inpackning, fungerade faktiskt väldigt bra. Efter hårtvätt har jag i lite jojobaolja, den är inte lika tjock som andra oljor utan det känns som att den går in bra. Och jag har väldigt torrt hår...

Ninni said...

Hej, snälla maila mig, jag har en fråga till dig som jag inte vill ta i bloggen.

amanda said...

i love hair one, it's a cheaper alternative to wen. i would describe my hair as a birds nest as well, haha, so this suggestion does not come from someone with hair that will behave with just anything. it's a "sulfate-free cleansing conditioner" and there is a bit of a learning curve. you must rinse your hair well before and after or else it will leave you a little sticky feeling. the first time i tried it i did not rinse it out completely and i was unhappy with it. it definitely leaves you feeling both clean and moisturized. that combined with some sort of a leave in cream and my curly frizzy damaged hair can be blow dried straight and STAY that way!

Faye said...

Maybe you should try some sort of oil. Coconut oil or shea butter are usually really good. You could use at prewash treatment or as a leave-in. The only thing you have to worry about is finding out the right amount of oil for your hair if you want to use it as a leave-in, but that comes with experience.

schmut said...

->Helena: Jojoba har jag aldrig testat men det skulle kunna vara en idé. Menar du då "ren" olja eller exemeplvis så som de sålts hos Body shop?

->Ninni; said and done as we speak/read/write

->Amanda: A product called Hair One? I have to google that as I have never heard of it. Thanks for the suggestion though!

->Faye: That's been my solution so far. Usually I use some of my Rejuvenating Face-oil from Stem Organics but in the end, that's a rather expensive hair-cure. Coconut oil as well as Shea butter I think I may have used when Body shop had their oil-sprays, but that was when I had a mohawk and the hair didn't need as much treatment. Will have to check that out even if I think that specific oil from Body shop is long discontinued.

Anonymous said...

LUSHs Retread är tusen gånger bättre än American Cream. Min kille svär vid den, och han färgar och bleker sitt hår så det står härliga till. Utan retread ser det ut som svinto, med ser det ut som änglahår i princip, ha ha. :)

Matilda said...

Rostedt i say! Jag har krulligt, torrt, färgat, skadat, slingat - ja, svinto men med den här inpackningen blir det mjukt som silke. Räcker i evigheter också.


amanda said...

my latest obsession: doo gro stimulation growth oil. both letting it soak in overnight and shampoo out, and using a touch as a leave-in. it's wonderful.

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