New friends on the block

While I understand why MNY wants to arrange, market, sell their makeup and nailpolish by color, it just doesn't work for me. Put 6 pink colors together and I won't even look at any of them. The same goes for the browns, the greens, well most of them.
However, if you mix them all up and let them clash and bring out the hues in the other colors, I want them all! 40 polishes in a mixingbowl might look cheap compared to a fancy display, but in the end, I'll buy more than I would if you had it arranged according to the rainbow.

It's like books - the library won't keep all the books on teens that lost their virginity on prom-night in one section and stories on workoholics getting hooked on after-work's beer and beer-nuts in another.
But then again, they do keep the chick-lit in a specific section. Maybe MNY is targeting the same audience - the ones that want the choice already made?

The polishes above are all MNY. I had a hard choice making my decision though as the MNY displays don't ring my bell. At all. While the illustrations are cute in a Nylon type of way, the arrangement of colors makes me think of crayons at a daycare center.


Megan Harmeyer said...

I'm with you! I'd rather go "digging" for something than be presented with every color block choice on the planet.

you nailed it! said...

I don't like the color arrangement either. Just like you, my eyes go to the silvers etc in stead of green and pink. I've just been looking at the silver one, it looks nice and i'd love to see a swatch of it!

Sminkan said...

Haha, du har rätt i det där med dagis-kritorna. Men jag arrangerar gärna nyanser ton-i-ton. Du skulle se mina oljefärgstuber i sin låda och tuschpennorna. Nagellacken har jag dock aldrig sorterat efter färg.

schmut said...

->Megan: Maybe it's the idea that we found something lost that makes us prefer digging than a neatly ordered display?

->You nailed it: The silver one? Do you mean the gold one, 2nd from the left or the lavender metallic? The lavender polish was my kid's choice and I really didn't want to give in to her, but when I took a closer look, it's a winner. Could be described as a duochrome where the colors, grey and lavender, are more similar than usual.

->Sminkan: Att sortera färgpennor, pasteller och annat efter färg känns som det har ett syfte när man letar efter exakt rätt ton, men jag använder sällan nagellack så. Kanske om jag var mer avancerad användare med freestyling, konad och allt det där...

Sminkan said...

Nej, du har rätt, det finns ett syfte med sorteringen av mina konstmaterial, ögonskuggepigment och så. Nagellacken står efter märke och ibland, när jag är avancerad, kollektion. Jag försökte sortera efter färg en gång men blev liksom förlamad av beslutsångest när jag tittade på 150 gröna lack... Usch.

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