Nice polish, not so nice photos

I know I dissed Seche Vite earlier this month. I just couldn't get it to work. Or rather, I couldn't get it to make my manicures more durable. I asked for advice and I got some; don't paint it on, flood the nail!

The advice worked wonders and my Ingrid lasted 7 days.
On day 7, it chipped and I did what we all do, I added a layer of glitter. In this case a layer of Zombie zest which made it a military green with a golden shine.
I know the photos are both rather crappy but the weather hasn't been co-operating with me lately. And, to be honest, I haven't really been in the blogging mode. Too much of everything right now.


shortwidenails said...

seche works for me 70% of the time. I will try flooding my nails with it too!

this looks very pretty with the glitter on top

Uma tal de Patrícia said...

Nice that it works for you, it's still doing not much for me... maybe I just got a bad bottle :(

colorfulbottle said...

so I guess flooding is our motto for the future =)

I like this manicure, it look great =)

nihrida said...

ROFL @ ''flood it on'' XD

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