She's pale as the background on Facebook

My skin has the same color as sour milk. Not sourcream, but sour milk, white with blue undertones and some yellow tint. I can never find the perfect foundation but the closest to a good one is Rose ivory by L'oréal's True Match. It's a little on the pink side though, so last time I went with Max Factor's Xperience Weightless foundation in Light ivory . Unfortunately, while the color seems a better match, the foundation slides off my face. Either it's way too greasy or it clashes with my daycream, which is Triple active by L'oréal. As winter's approaching and I'll have to move on to my skin-oil (Stem, how I love thee), I'm guessing I'm heading for disaster foundation-wise: landslide!
So when Lipgloss Bitch announced she has a foundation-giveaway with a brand that's known to have foundation for the überpale geekgirls, I was all ears. Have anybody heard about this brand, Smashit, before? It's new to me.

I am not sure if this giveaway is international or not, but why not give it a go?
Plus, I would still like some info on the brand as well as some good advice on the best foundation for pale kids from you guys. Budget-brands are always preferred  (my wallet's slim but not because of Weightwatchers) but I'd take a perfect match over money left in my pocket. That's just how superficial I am (and honestly, who wants that orange chin-line? I doubt that will ever be considered chic.)


LiisK said...

Try Lumene Natural Code Vanilla or Gosh's fairest :). They are unfortunately not very covering though :S
Imho mineral powders are best, medium coverage AND plenty of pale tones.

Evan said...
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nailspotting said...

I know what you mean, I've been hunting for a new foundation recently and it's almost impossible to find one that's pale enough. I got Make Up Forever's Mat Velvet and the colour is really good. Unfortunately it wears off during the day even though I wear primer. And I guess it's not budget friendly.

Funny thing when I was hunting for foundation. All the sales women at the beauty counters always, ALWAYS applies too dark foundation on me and then say, "That looks really good" and I look in the mirror and I look like the Jersey Shore cast. Hey, I'm pale, I have freckles, "brunkräm" is not the look I'm going for here. Why does that happen?

schmut said...

->LiisK: I am not a fan of Lumene's foundations - they're all too sheer, but Gosh is a brand I've never tried so that I will have to check out.

->Evan: Your comment will be removed - I don't want spam and I don't need it.

->Nailspotting: Could it be a generation thing? Once, foundation was about covering up while these days, it's more about making the best with what you've got. Brunkräm, eek.

nihrida said...

Lipgloss Bitch! *giggles* Mabye you should just use white for corpse paint. ;D I'm just kidding, I'm in the pale commiteh as well.

jackyso said...

Love your posts! :D

Sarah said...

I so have that problem too. Good thing I don't use that much. But I would like to have a good foundation just in case...everything else fails.
And how are we supposed to get a foundation that is one shade lighter (to prevent horrible contrasts)?

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