If it looks ancient, it might not be

When I got my Seche Vite, I also got 5 colorful beauties and one of them, I had to try on just then and there. Worn manicure or not. Dry hands and torn cuticles don't matter. The polish is so 70's (baked peppers, stuffed tomatoes and all that) that I just had to get it. Next time, it's going over a brown creme.
Do you know what polish I'm talking about?


Cel said...

It looks like China Glaze party hearty.

schmut said...

It sure was. Guess that wasn't too hard? It's over China glaze's Orange pacific.

Cel said...

^_^ I was just trying some combos with party hearty, that's why I could guess. Oooh so the colour underneath was orange? It looked more red to me.

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