Lemme give you some money

While I may not be the most active blogger at the moment (a bit underwhelmed by my nails and face at the moment), I read a lot of blogs. I may be a bit underwhelmed by bloggers en masse as well, but there are some blogs that just make logging in worth while. A "Nice post" doesn't do much and regularly commenting might do some more, but I think Flattr would do the most. A lot of blogs I read and in particular polish-blogs aren't part of a clique and they don't get send a lot of items for reviews. Most of the blogs I read, the people buy their own stash and they blog because they like to do it. It's a hobby.

That's where I think Flattr would come in handy. I'd like to leave something in the tip-jar when I read an excellent post by a blogger that isn't swamped by freebies or ads. I would really like it if you had a tip-jar. Flattr is sort of a tip-jar. It requires that you're activated and you wouldn't mind tipping yourself, but most importantly, it means I could tip.

Please sign up so that I can have a chance to show you that you're writing some great stuff!

This is what it would look like on a Flattr-post but don't Flattr this because it's nothing to Flattr. Start using it instead!

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