Like a virgin

I won a giveaway recently that I entered mostly because it was something I have never used and never thought of using. Just thinking about this item makes me realize why I love nailpolish so much : it's easy, lasts for days and it won't smudge in the rain or fall off if you're having too much of a good time.
It's nothing like a perfect red lipstick....that will end up all over your partner's face if you fancy a snogging. Nailpolish, it's the direct opposite of fake eyelashes.
Now I have these. They are mine. To be used when I pick up the kid at daycare? Working on a paper on sense of coherence? Or maybe when I am out and about, and to be forever lost in a drink?
When do you wear these types of things?



always wanted to try some of these, never dared to.
guess i need suggestions too ^^

SilhouetteScreams said...

I only wear falsies on really special occasions, like when I went to a champagne bar and a ball. :)

schmut said...

->Vi; Then we're two! After having read one too many makeup-blogs I got the idea that I was the last gal on earth to not have worn falsies..

->Silhouette Screams: Never had champagne and I never went to a ball. I do drink a lot of coffee though and sometimes I go to the bookstore to pick up the latest Joyce Carol Oates. Guess I should....go full Tammy Faye when I pick up my books?

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