You know you want to

I don't know how much you are all into the Christmas spirit-thing or if it's just about trying to avoid being dragged into a Secret Santa-exchange, but a lot of beautybloggers have giveaways this season. All in the name of giving. Most of the time you don't have to believe in poor baby Jebus, you don't have to decorate your home all like Rachel Ray does or even own a single Christmas sweater to enter.
I know a lot of bloggers are doing this, but the two I am keeping my eye on are the Lipgloss-girls:

Today they both have items I not just wouldn't mind, but would probably give an eye or a thumb for:
the swedish Lipgloss have a NYX-themed giveaway while the british Lipgloss have a Sleek-themed giveaway. You know you want to enter, don't you? Click on the images.


Ninni said...

Jag har mailat till dig.

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