While adding a few blogs to my blogroll (see left) as well as to my Bloglines, I spotted something that I want. Now, I like a lot of things but I rarely get the I must have this-type of craving but having read Frantastic Makeup's review of Liptars, I do have one serious craving!
The yellow, the green, the blue and the black. Vegan and cruelty-free. It all sounds too good to be true.

However, I have never heard of this brand before. Anyone that has any input?

(image courtesy of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics)

To prime or not to, that is the question.

This is my everyday-face and that's my everyday companion - Iggy's toys. Scattered around the house but more often than not, the serve as an inspiration. The colors, the clashes, the fun.
The color of the car? I have an eyeshadow that shade and of course, I have not only one but two nailpolishes identical to it. One creme and one with glitter. But, do I wear it all?
No, not as often as I would like. Most of the time I'm stuck in a rut. My Joan Jett-rut with pale face and lot's of black around the eyes.

I need to find some other style-icons. While I love Shrinkle's use of color, I am well aware that it would never last on me. A trip to the dogpark later and I would look like a spit out gummibear.

My (obvious) option would be using a primer, but I feel like that is a waste of money. That it's yet another product the companies have lured us into thinking we need.
Is it?

Can a green punk use nailpolish?

There are "green" nailpolishes on the market. Userfriendly, non-toxic and safer. Unfortunately, they are hard to find and expensive.
More often than not, the back label of the more well-known brands will say that the product is free from formaldehyde and sometimes even toluene, and it makes us think It's all ok. That's until we apply the polish and inhale...

Yet we do it again and again. Lust over shades, names and brands.
I most definitely do it. The perfect shade and I don't care if it smells like a molotov cocktail, I'm buying it! I buy organic food but just "green" makeup, skincare and nailpolish isn't on my shoppinglist. Sure, I would pick an Orly polish over the generic $3-polish, but that's about it.
I haven't even tried "green" nailpolish. Have you?

Nice surprise

A couple of weeks ago I won a giveaway at Nails Etc. 5 polishes from british brands I have never tried before. One of those polishes were a grey from Collection 2000's Hot looks that didn't strike me as anything special. Great name, nice bottle but that was that. I have a lot of grey polishes, mostly, swedish brand Depend, so it wasn't the polish I tried first.

Last night, I felt grey and as I had to suit up for a meeting with the doctor, I decided that Wham! was just what I needed. It was a runny mess and 3 coats still left me somewhat disappointed.
However, this morning when I went outside, there was a NICE surprise:
the grey polish apparently had some blue undertones and matched my foggy blue (faux) leatherjacket perfectly! It's the same shade.

Adn, seeing as I am a sucker for giveaways - you get something brand new you probably never even thought of buying yourself, I have entered myself into another giveaway over at Nailstah, which is a rather new blog focusing on nails and nailpolish. If you want to enter yourself, you have until April the 12th!

Who and why?

There are a lot of blogs focusing on beauty, skincare, accessories and of course, nailpolish. I read a lot of them and I add some to my bloglines. It's just some because I don't feel at home in the so-called beauty world. I am not a cheerleader, a pretty doll or a fashionista. I am the punk next door who loves color, likes to play in the sandbox with my 3 year old and my favorite sport? I love rugby. I love running with my dog. I like riding my bike as fast as I can. I like being able to dig for my carrots and I love being able to harvest fresh swiss chard on my allotment.
That means my nailpolish will chip, my lipstick will be all over my face and if my skin is all shimmery, it's most likely sweat.

I am not the pretty doll next door. My makeup is never impeccable and I don't mind because I am one of those women that like to live life to it's fullest. However, that doesn't mean that I'm not still looking for that perfect red for my lips or that I am not always on the hunt for another neon color to use on my nails. Believe me, I am! That's why I decided to start this blog. It's not that there aren't 101 great beauty-blogs out there, it's because there aren't many for the likes of me.

This is me. In my thirties, more tattoos than your mom but the piercings have (mostly) been retired and the mohawk's (literally) so last year.

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