The oddest name

Being on the A-list, what color would that be? The reddest of red or maybe even gold?
When HM is asked that question, they see yellow. A good vibrant, although somewhat dusty yellow. More retro than neon. Spotted it over at Sminkan and had to go looking for it today (9ml for 39.50sek/$5.05). It was so lovely, and completely unexpected, I picked up an extra for a future swap/giveaway.

While I was at it, I picked up one of Depend's latest cuties which has been described as everything from Shrek-green to green apples, but personally, I don't see Shrek unless he's turned into a distinguished old gentlement. Nevertheless, the color named 196 is a great color (5ml for 25sek $3.20).

Thin me later?

Emmie from Magpie Diary (some of you may remember her as VegBitch) asked me how long a good nailpolish usually lasts, and after thinking about it, I realized that I have no clue.

My oldest (working) nailpolish to date is 4 or 5 years, but I have heard of people still using their old Sweet Georgia Brown-polishes from the 90's.
The only reason I don't have my old polish-collection is that I have moved one too many times to be bothered packing it up. If I had just realized that some polishes would be discontinued (like SGB), I'd done it in seconds. A good polish isn't hard to find, but your first Holy grail-polish is worth keeping.

The only issue I know of is that it can thicken and may need some nailpolish thinner, but other than that?! Nailpolish will outlive your socks, love for SATC and maybe even your love for nailpolish.
Well, that is, it may be all about toxicity - you may not want to use old nailpolish because back in the day, they used a whole lot of toxins we no longer see listed as ingredients in good polish.

To seal or to just conceal

I am starting to look like I feel and even though I'm not really into covering up and I just discovered the wonderful product that is concealer, I think I need to some good ...eh... putty.

So far I've used Maybelline's Age rewind which is fair enough for my pale self, but it has a tendency to crease and to be honest, it doesn't do much more than make me feel like if nothing else, atleast I made an attempt.
In the end, I look exactly the same, I just spend time and money on wishful thinking.
Plus, I hate to say it, but I think the concealer in question irritates my eyes and makes them water. A runny mess, not the look I was after...

So, I need your helpful advice and maybe even some guidance:
Good concealer for people on a tight budget?
Or is it just better to stick with a good foundation and leave the rest as is? I am thinking that the more time an effort you spend on covering up, the more you have to lose and re-applying makeup every couple hours just isn't my thing. Either it's there, or it's not.

(On the nails it's the Hello Kitty-polish mentioned below. As you can see, it never looks the same..)

Feeling blue

I might just have stated that I love anything cute or kawaii, but there's one major exception to that rule:
Hello Kitty. Can't stand her and what she does to cool women. She's just a cutesy cute cat that drinks tea all day and has no ambition in life what so ever.
My kid, Iggy, she loves Hello Kitty though and I have made her a promise : all nailpolish with a Hello Kitty on the bottle can and will be hers. It was a way for me to be able to keep my precious Orly and Essie to myself, but it just backfired:
I found the perfect turquoise in a Kitty bottle. Not too green, not too blue and with the tiniest glitter which gives more of a texture than a sparkle. It's divine. For the first time ever I have worn a manicure for 5 days and removed it, just to re-do it the same color. 8 days of Hello Kitty and I am not through with this color.

The tricky part is to capture just the right shade and that is why I haven't been praising it earlier. Well, that and the fact that it is a Hello Kitty product, but the color is fickle. Looks babyblue in the bottle but perfect on the nails...but then it clashes with your skintone (mine is rather yellowish) when you try to take a decent photo and you end up trying to rescue it through color-correction just to realize that this is probably the Holy grail - it refuses to obey and will not be captured to be put on a blog.
Now, I know that some of you might have a hard time getting your hands on this as it's an HM-polish but please do try. Not only is the color divine but it's also a big bottle, 16 ml which is bigger than a full-sized Orly, for just $3.65.
If you don't have anybody you like to do trades with, you should enter Jellynat's giveaway where one of these darlings are at stake.

Personally, I'm going back to pick up a couple to have for future trades or giveaways. It's that lovely.


On the right is my naked eye post eye-makeup remover and to be honest, before using the pads, it didn't look that much different.
I am stuck in a rut. I am old.

I need inspiration and that is mostly found on blogs, so I was wondering, would you guys like to help me add some blogs to my Bloglines as well as my blogroll on the left?

Now, I am not picky but I can do without blogs with pointers on what you shouldn't do and which celeb looked haggard on the red carpet last Thursday.
I want fun blogs from gutsy people that do their thing and don't give a f**k about the neighbors.
Think Nihrida, Scandalously polished, Maggie and Jellynat.

If it's cute, I want it

Maybe I'm (over)compensating for not having been a girlie-girl when I was younger, but these days, I just can't resist brands like Eyeko that offer cute packaging like the one pictured above and below.
I think anything kawaii will be the death of me.

It's a good thing Eyeko is a cheap brand because their site and products are my .... softspot? I know that a lot of so-called serious makeup-freaks frown upon packaging like this, thinking it's aiming for the teen-market, but I prefer this to high-end stuff like YSL any day.
It might not be top-quality but looking at their makeup makes me smile and a good smile is hard to find.

What also makes me smile was the price. Bought these online (mascara, fat balm and liquid eyeliner) for a grand total of $7. Sometimes, Ebay/Tradera is your best friend.

Back on track

I've had a horrible night and a pretty bad day but there it was, a polish from the giveaway I won at Nails etc to the rescue. A lovely pea-green polish that's almost opaque after one coat and it's so easy to work with. After the Isadora massacre, this was just what I needed to get going again. Above is a one coater applied 2 minutes before I had to run off and pick Iggy up at the daycare.
In a minute, I'm going to do a 2nd layer and make sure it looks immaculate. Ah, Go green from Glam nails Beauty UK, I love you.

This is just what I love about make-up and nailpolish in particular - fast, easy and colorful. Doesn't have to be expensive to be good clean fun.
Simply put, I don't wear nailpolish to be the prettiest gal on the block, I wear it as a pick-me-upper.

The clash of the polishes?

I just can't drop that whole nightmare-polish scenario that happened yesterday. When writing the post, I forgot to mention that that lovely blue polish not only stained my cuticles but also the topcoat I used to give it a matte finish. Seeing as the matte topcoat was the same brand as Blue jeans, ie Isadora, it can't be blamed on not following the ingredientlist and cheating with other brands.

On my 2nd attempt, I used no basecoat, just one layer of Blue jeans and then waited 4 hours until I put on Wet n Wild's glittercoat Sparked. Guess which polish stained the brush and tried to bleed into the clear polish? I had to clean the brush before putting it back into the bottle each time.
So, it's no coincidence, there's something off with the Isadora polish. It doesn't work well with it's own siblings, nor with strangers.

Speaking of which, am I the only one that remembers seeing posts about some polishes clashing with other brands top- and basecoats? That sometimes they crack, chip or just won't stick?
Other than the Manglaze-fenonomen, which I consider pretty cool as they embraze it.

The bigger the better?

I have tried to love it, Isadora's Blue jeans. Denim-polish for a denimgirl. Having read P'ssion's entry about loving the polish, I decided to give it a 2nd go and that is what you see above.
I have wanted to love it, because I adore the color which is blueish black indooors and unwashed denims in the sun, and because I think the idea behind having a wider brush is a good one.

But, the polish is so thick it's like slabbing on glue. It might be opaque in one coat, but that coat is messy and the polish is so thick you get ridges, canyons and hey, isn't that an island? Wonder who lives there?

I know how they got there though and that was by using this brush which is as wide as the nail on my pinkie. Above you see it next to one of Orly's brushes (Mandalay Ruby). If the polish had been thinner, if the polish had been sheer, if the top hadn't been square, if only...
The combination thick polish and wide brush is a disaster. I had a base-coat on the first time around, but it still managed to stain my cuticles and the skin on my fingers.

This polish is going franken.

Is it just me?

Lately, I've been having a serious polish-craving. Lemmings, lemmings, please!
Granted that it's not any polish but a couple of vibrant colors (such as the new collection from WetnWild), but still, it's a craving. When you crave certain things, you can always track it back to your eating-habits. Lacking iron, deficiency of zinc or you're just low on B12. Here, have some spinach, sunseeds and hemp and you're all good.

But with polish cravings, what is it I'm lacking? More than money that is?

/Crazy catlady polishlady

Swedettes, Isadora is coming for you!

I went out of my way to get my hands on Isadora's Vintage mint but ended up with 3 blue shades instead. As with all mints, Isadora's version is sold out everywhere and I don't know why I was thinking that there would be any at HM's discount on Isadora polishes. At my age and bitterness, I should know better.

But, as mentioned, I didn't leave empty handed and this is the first time ever I have bought Isadora's polishes (never mind the matte top-coat mentioned previously). It's a brand that has never had a finger on the pulse and that have always had granny-colors. Frosted pinks, shimmery lavender, cutesy apricot etc. Stuck in the 80's and not the 80's we wish to remember. Less Pretty in pink, more of the Golden Girls.

When it comes to Isadora's polishes, it's all minis, 6ml for 69sek ($9.13), which in the end is rather expensive. But then again, their new brush, a wider brush, means that this is a bottle you can and will want to re-use for frankenpolish and decanting. See, I am already warming up to Isadora after having had them left out in the cold for 27 years and that in just a few hours!

I have yet to try these  (Bel-Air blue, Baby blue and Blue jeans) on but so far, I am pretty smittened.
I think the price, 39sek ($5.16) instead of 69sek ($9.13), might have something to do with it.
Remember, this bottles might look big but they contain about the same amount of polish as an Orly mini (which are probably the only minis that I truly love...)

My favorite word - Natural

I have a lot of hair. Not thick hair, but a lot of it. Curly, wavy and straight, all on one big head. This means that more often than not, I look like Edward Scissorhands. I don't really mind, I've come to terms with it but what I do mind, is that it gets dry, frizzy and looks like I've slept for ages. As I am no sleeping beauty, I have no explanation and I feel I have to do something before I end up looking like a Brillo Pad with big eyes.

So, when I stumbled across a cheap(er) trialversion of the Macadamia oil (included in an inofficial  sampler-bag with Mario Badescu & Smashbox), I just had to give it a go.
The site and the packaging is promising. Natural. Oh, how I love that word and oh, how it makes me buy things that aren't more natural than say, Brillo pads.
But, the smell! There's a smell that has nothing to do with macadamias, nuts or anything natural. It smells like cheap eau de cologne. Valentines Day-lunch at the retirement home. Excited old men who thinks they smell refreshingly of sandalwood. Ice tea and bingo. My grandfather's deodorant.

Ok, I stray, but that smell is so off. The oil itself doesn't feel oily at all, which can be good or bad depending on your preference, but it doesn't stick to your hands or hair. Hair feels smoother and oh, the hands, they loved the oil treatment! I think my cuticles appreciated this more than anything else.
So far I haven't noticed anything different about my hair. I still look like Scissorhands but with a smell that makes people think of Senior Scissorhands.

I just don't know if I got fooled into buying yet another product because it said natural on the packaging. The biggest ingredients are dimethicone and cyclomethicone which are a staple in most hair-treamtments. it's the same old silicone that traps any moisture, making their hair appear stronger and healthier. Add some vitamin E, oils from macadamia and Moroccan ironwood tree and another big batch of chemicals and we get a natural healing oil treatment.

I feel cheated. I do. It might work, but it's not what I was hoping for.

Wishwashing with Polyvore

I just did what everybody did years ago and that is, I got a Polyvore account. In my case, I didn't do it to be trendy or to try to be a trendsetter (hey, come on now!) but to be able to enter the Sugarpill  contest at Gala Darling. I have followed Shrinkle for years and I love her choice of colors, but her makeup is way too expensive for me to afford right now. As much as I would like to be able to support her indie-company, all I can afford right now is word of mouth.

While trying to figure out how Polyvore works, I decided to make a set about what I want right now when it comes to cosmetics. Consider it window-shopping my way. Can't afford it but pasting item after item into a set makes me think I almost had it all for a second or so.
The problem is that the more I look at Polyvore, the more items I find that I want. It's like reading your blogs, you make me crave things I didn't even know excisted!

Here comes the summer?

While my calendar says it is so, the weather is still on early spring. Granted, it's green outside but that feeling of what's about to come with colors bursting out of their flowerbuds and ...... No, I am not feeling it. My jacket is still on and I am glum.

So, when LGB asked us what we do to prepare ourselves for summer, I felt it was an odd question. Not only does summer feel far far away, but why, what and when? Are there certain colors and looks we use only or more often during the summer? Granted, there is the belovedhated bronzed look that keeps on popping back up every other year, making cute girls look like they need a good scrubbing, but other than that?

I can't think of anything that I do differently during the summer. My skincare routine is the same all year round and I always have a pedicure with black polish, even in December. My make-up has more to do with my mood than with my calendar and no colors are reserved for certain seasons. I guess this means I am exactly what the brands fear - somebody that won't buy their seasonal kits? That will wear white regardless of labor-day? That thinks lime is a perfect color all year around? Aren't we all like that?

The only thing I can think of is that during the summer, I wear less make-up because there are more things to do and more sweating while I'm doing it. I want to be able to do exactly what I want to whenever I want to. Go swimming, dance in the rain, pretend I am a hippie, tending to a wild child and whatnot.

Who in the nude are you?

More often than not, I don't get trends. I accept that as I accept that I am not trendy and far from a fashionista. But every now and then, there are trends that are so off that I just have to question them (that means you) and hopefully get an answer.

With no further ado, I present to you what I do not understand and that is  
nude lipstick.
Paying big money to look like you're not wearing anything. It's like wearing a bodysuit while doing a nude - you look like you're naked and everybody thinks that you are showing your tatas to everybody and their grandma, but you are not. In the end, the difference is all in your head and it's all about playing games. If nobody knows it's there, is it really? Does it make a difference? Are you paying for nothing? Is your favorite fairytale that of the Emperor's new clothes?
If you just wanted to moisturize your lips, who not use a chapstick, a gloss or Eight hour cream?
Maybe it's my inner teen breaking our of her confinement again (mini-Courtney, go away!) but I must admit I just don't get it. Maybe it's not even my inner teen but my inner Dame Edna, but I don't understand why people pay money and spend time trying to look like they didn't do a thing. What is the point?

I want my make-up to liven things out. To make people blush, look away, think of blueberries with milk or start humming on a Cyndi Lauper's tune. I get black lipstick, I don't get nude lipstick.
I just don't. So please, help me out here, what is it all about?

Farewell my love

The love of my life lips is on it's last legs. To be honest, it doesn't even have any legs left. My favorite lipstick, You'll never-never land me by Benefit, is finito.
This was my 2nd lipstick of this particular shade, hotpink but sheer and warm-toned, and now I regret not buying a 3rd while stores still had it in stock. Now it's discontinued and sold out. Now I can't even find it on Ebay. Now, I cry.

It ain't no Helmer, is it?

Iggy wanted her nails done in a skittles-style and to make it easier for her to choose, I took all my polishbottles and put them in an old cookiejar. Colorful for all my color.
Not until I saw them there, all 40 of them, I realized that I am not a proper nail-geek. 40, that is hardly even a collection, is it? That's less than some of you buy in one shoppingspree.

How and where do you keep yours?

(Helmer is the storage of choice for most polish-addicted)

The never-ending story

So I guess the Green gold had one trick up it's sleeve despite it's thin appearance - it held up for more than 5 days with no chip or wear. While my cuticles look like they've been through an ordeal the Gold doesn't look worn at all.

In the pic it's (slightly) matted down using the Isadora's Matte top coat which gives a more satin finish than a matte.
However, I still think the color is horrible and makes my hands look like that of a zombie. Not that there's anything wrong with the zombie-look (blueish nails are pretty hot in my opinion), but it's not one you'd like to get accidentally...

Waterbased polish?

I might be repetitive, but I am thinking about nailpolish. Waterbased or even watersoluble nailpolish. Polish that can be considered suitable for children.
I read wixology's post on the subject a while back and since then, I've been looking for it more than ever. Searching for reviews, brands and retailers. Asked around, but it didn't sem to be anything sold up here (in Scandinavia). Waterbased nailpolish, it didn't even seem to be on the map with our local manufacturers!
I emailed a few companies, including Piggy paint, and none had retailers here in Scandinavia. I could always buy it online, but with postage and customs fees, that could end up being a rather expensive affair.

But if these polishes are as good as the manufacturers say, why aren't they taking over the market? Why is nobody talking about them other than the occasional beauty-mag mentioning Sula as a cool green alternative?
Are they that bad? Is the formula off or are we expecting too much?  Or is it that the colors are more, well, suitable for children?

Wet Saturday-night

I'm wearing Between the sheets by Library of Fragrances and Chocolate Martini by Orly. For a non-drinker, I'm very boozy tonight.

Being a non-drinker is probably also the reason why I was so sure that a Between the sheets had vodka in it. A Chocolate Martini does, but then again, this polish isn't scented. Too bad, it might smell real nice...