What in the Garden?

I am a wee bit under the weather so I'll make it brief:
 Bought a nailpolish I figured had to be the ugliest color ever. I bought it because it was on sale and well, I like the other products in the same range. I am talking about that green Hello Kitty polish, "Garden Green" from HM's spring collection
I have looked at it more than once but felt it didn't have enough punch to it, just felt cutesy cute with an almost vintage feel.

Now above you may see a streaky mess, despite 3 layers, on swollen fingers but I was quite smittened. It's the same color as my favorite icecream - Piggelin, of Unilever/heartbrands. I felt so rejuvenated by the fact that I decided to go and buy a Piggelin to cure my strep throat, if even just for a moment.
Now, turns out that the ice-lolly was the stupid move (citric acid and sores?!) but none the less, I like the polish.

No feet for you!

For a girl that isn't into glitter, I certainly have a big amount of glitter-polish. I've always found glitter nailpolish to be more wearable - doesn't chip as fast and glitter matches anything.
More often than not, I end up wearing Orly's Goth, Collistar's Melanzana Glitter or Collistar's Nero Lurex on my toes. I prefer a dark pedicure.

I have been on the frontier ranting about how great it is that people are starting to show their pedicures (on their blogs) and not treat feet differently than any other bodypart. Disliking a bodypart just because doesn't seem very healthy. To go a little hippie on you - Feet are our best friends that takes us everywhere and we should treat them as such.

While I don't hate my feet, chances are next to slim I'll be showing any pedicures as I am one of those women with arthritis. My feet look like they hurt and they do hurt, so showing my pedictures won't make anybody happy other than the Arthritis support-groups. That plus the fact that my body is so stiff that I have a hard time doing a nice pedicure. I just slabber things on trying to hit the target and hope that the excess falls of in the shower. I am not sure I would want to see that mess up close.

Last of it's kind

What ever happened to Baby Jane Kaos? Do you know?
It used to be one of my favorite makeup-brands with a big range of colors in nailpolish as well as eyeshadows and lipstick. One of the first brands I came across that had colorful matte eyeshadows for a reasonable price. Sold at department stores, in my case Åhlens, around the country.

Unfortunately, the eyeshadow above is all that I have left or rather, that survived the hurricane Iggy*. The label can't be read (note to makeup-companies - please use water-sustainable print on packaging!) and a Google-search doesn't result in anything of value other than the fact that International MakeUp Center has it as a registered brand while the store Kaos is linked to Make up Store. The MakeUp Center is a school for makeup-artists but they use Make up Store's products. Where does that leave the brand Kaos?

(* Hurricane Iggy:


Come here Kitty, Kitty

Have you ever seen anything so pretty?
Purple polish with pink, blue and silver glitter. While it sounds horrific and most of all, sugary sweet, it is quite outstanding.
It's another one of the Kitty polishes from H&M. This time she's emo with a painted heart (for a tear) and the peace sign. Unless she's supposed to look kawaii? That could be it. Or maybe even Visual Kei? The color certainly suggest it.

The color is called "Cool summer", contains 15ml for 19.50:-. ($2.50 for an 0.5 Fl) It's sibling, a cupcake-pink, is called "Sweet summer".
Above you see it coupled up with it's sibling and one of spring's Hello Kitty polish, "Garden Green". The latter was on sale as it's soo last season.
Together, the 3 look like stacked candy but the first picture is more color acurate of both purple and pink polish.

Even though I am not a Hello Kitty-fan, I think that H&M has hit it right on with their Hello Kitty-polish. To be honest, I like it even more than their regular colors!

Absolutely fugly

The fail-category is adding up and becoming the biggest on the blog. How about that? This is another one that feels right at home in that category and I call it the vomit-manicure.
Yesterday I gave Depend 196, aka the mini-Shrek or Granny Smith, another go. It's a color I've been wanting to add to my collection for so long so I haven't really come to terms with the fact that the one I got my hands on is a nasty little bastard.

Of course, the same thing happened as the last time and somewhere between frustration and disappointment I got the excellent idea of adding a layer of glitter polish. Pink glitter-polish as I think pink & lime is one of the best colorcombos known to man.
Usually when I have a streak-incident where the polish just won't get a nice surface, I end up layering it with a glitter-polish.
What I ended up is with looks more like the result of a wet night out. Hangover-manicure. An "Oh, no, I didn't do that, did I?"-manicure.
Here's the vomit-mani:
I dare you to take a closer look at what you don't want on your fancy carpet but in the toilet-bowl. I guess I won't be starting any trends with this?!

The pink glitter is an innocent in all of this. It's the Wet 'n' wild in Sparked (435G) which is the best glitter-polish I have yet to come across.

Absolutely necessary

This is one purchase I would never have done if it wasn't for all you bloggers. It's all your fault really*, making me think I needed those.
Now that I have them, I'm not really sure what to do with them. Do I really want to waste my precious nailpolish on some plastic?

(*please insert tongue in cheek and check for a sense of humor)

Want some glitter with that day-cream?

I just ran out of day-cream and since budget is not just tight, but next to nothing, I went shopping for whatever I could find at the local supermarket.
I have come to realize that the less effort I put into getting the perfect moisturizer, the more pleased I am with what I get. It has to be something for sensitive skin and preferably with SPF.
There wasn't nothing much exiting, the usual L'Oreal, Garnier, Nivea (which I already know I can't stand the smell of) and of course LdB. The latter is my favorite in the budget-category alongside the classic Oil of Olay. LdB has had the same scent all these years and as I have heard Oil of Olay is to some, LdB is the scent of grannie to me. She always used that brand and I guess that is why that scent makes me feel comfortable.
Neither of these have an SPF though so when I spotted that the product I felt least inclined to buy, Dove's Pro-age, had SPF 15, I knew which one was coming with me home.
It's not that I have anything against Dove, I just think that the Pro-age-campaign (aka a part of the Real Beauty-campaign)  is bogus because it's all about being proud of who you are by using products with an anti-wrinkle effect. It's all pro about being anti, but they're not saying it out loud.
To be honest, the first Anti-age product from Dove I saw on the shelves (ages ago) was the deodorant and I just didn't get the idea. Do older women have a special stench or should be make sure our armpits are tight and showing no sign or aging? I don't find it empowering that they're using the word Pro or that they say they're all about celebrating beauty at any age as it's still an anti-wrinkle product.

However, I've been so anti anti-wrinkle products that I decided that maybe I should actually know what I am talking about. You see, I've ever tried any. Never saw a reason to buy something that is meant to fight tomorrow as I welcome change and maturity. Life looking all the same for 75 years must be incredibly dull.
Ok, I stray, but I think this means that this is something I am passionate about. I am passionate about being anti an anti-product which would make me pro and oh, here we go, Dove Pro-age! Was that what they were thinking? I guess it's working on everybody but me:
"For the first time, a brand is talking to women about aging in a positive tone. Continuing its ongoing commitment to widen the narrow definition of beauty, Dove, the global beauty brand, is boldly challenging the "only young- is-beautiful" stereotype with the next phase of the Campaign for Real Beauty: pro-age. Designed to expose what our anti-aging society has been hiding, pro-age celebrates women 50+ by showing their honest, real beauty."
from Goliath
Nevertheless, product purchased and box opened. Too much packaging for one simple tube that is supposedly extra-sealed to make sure you get a fresh product. Personally I feel it's just a trick to keep you from trying the formula before you buy it. Reading the fine-print on the box you're soon about to toss out, you're told that it contains the patented ingredient CLA and that it has 3 ways of giving your skin luminosity by making it appear brighter and reducing fine lines.
Now I don't know what CLA is (as I am no scientist, just a fan of Google) or if it actually does what it's tricks, which is to speed up the skin's renewal, but one of the optical tricks is fine glitter. Yes, you read right; glitter. Not shimmer, but what looks like crushed glitter. Your hands and everything you touch will make you look like a walking discoball. Glitter reflects light,sure, but do they really think we're that dumb? Or are they thinking that women a certain age are so unused to being sales-pitched that they embrace whatever is thrown their way?

The day-cream is just as good as most other day-creams I have tried. Sinks in fast and doesn't get greasy, but makes your skin feel a bit silky and cold.
It has the big pros of having an SPF and being more affordable that most sunscreens for the face, but I really don't want glitter on any other part of my body than my nails. As far as the anti-age affect, I could care even less now than when I bought the product. Reading Dove's statements about the products and the campain did most definitely have a negative effect on this closer to 40 than 20-woman.

Atleast it wasn't blood this time

I've been walking around with a turquoise nailpolish-dot between my eyes all day.
Even when I dont know about it, I am still co-ordinated. Nailpolish Beauty UK's Glam Nails in Deep Turquoise and eyeshadow from HM Devil eyes (an Hello Kitty product) palette.

Let's make a movie, I'm ready to go!

Sometimes, when life brings you lemons, you just throw them in the bin because making lemonade takes time and effort. I guess that, time and effort, was what I was lacking today when I was putting on my make-up. It was intended to be a vampy, sultry look using purple and red. I ended up looking like the cast of some low-budget vampire-movie.
However, I can't help but giggle when I look in the mirror and so, I won't remove it. It's definitely worth a giggle or two, so go ahead - let me make your day!

Now I am off to the daycare-center to scare some kids pick up the kids

Oh, no she didn't?!

When I was a kid, the cool girls wore blue mascara. If they were ultra-cool, they wore emerald-green mascara. When that trend re-surfaced a while back, I looked the other way. It was a trend that didn't ring my bell. However, I've always wanted a bright red mascara. Not to use on the whole lash, just the tips. Like an accent. Enough to make people look but not be able to pinpoint what is off.
So, when I spotted this beauty online, I knew she had to be mine. She might not be red but a good wine-color is fine by me. At first I thought it might be a counterfeit but it seems it's the real deal from Smashbox' That's a wrap which is discontinued.

This is my first Smashbox-product ever. I rarely buy high-end make-up simply because I can't afford it. Spending time lusting over things I'll never get just isn't my thing. It just makes you feel like a loser and I know better things to do with my time. But when I stumble upon it for next to nothing, I can't help myself. I paid roughly $7 for two mascaras, 3 eyeshadows and a lipstick, which are all from a collection long forgotten. Atleast the internet has forgotten and swallowed it whole without even a burp.

I guess that when I say I am living in the past, I really mean it!

Exactly what is downtown brown?

I'm still in my aubergine-phase and earlier today, I realized that not only was my lipstick matching my nailpolish but also my bra.
The colors are somewhat off in the photo (less pink in real life) but it's Essie's Downtown brown (4 layers of this highgloss jelly) and Nivea's lipstick Chocolat Exquis from The Chantal Thomass collection.
The latter I had to hunt down on Tradera as I couldn't find it in the stores when it was launched in the autumn of 2009, but it was most definitely worth the wait. 2 layers of lipstick gives you blackish brown lips while blotted down, it looks like a nice Merlot. I think this may be my new favorite lipstick, which I guess doesn't mean all that much as lipstick isn't my thing. However, I still can't resist a nice dark lipstick may it be purple, brown or black.

What are you reading?

My newest favorite is one with a name that's brilliant -  Vintage or Tacky. It's all that I am about and love.
How could you not love a blog that's all about animalprint, vibrant color and hey, she's even done a Barbie tutorial!
On the right you see a makeup inspired by Avatar but you can also find some inspired by Sailor moon, Invader Zim and the Watchmen. Inspiration for all of us and I for sure need some. I'm stuck in beige-land and I am desperate for a vaccation.

So, what's your latest blog-favorite?

(Picture used for Poladroid belongs to Vintage or Tacky)

I wasn't born with a lipliner in hand

One thing that I was thinking about more than once before I started this adventure, ie Rugby beauty, was
Do I really want my face out there?
It's not like I am hiding underneath a rock and sure, I have a picture on Facebook, Twitter, yada yada.....But, do I want my head on a blog about superficial things? About beauty? Do I want my appearance questioned and scrutinized by other women? My lack of skills turning me into an attachment to emails for all ages to come?

I know that to some, this sounds off, but remember that I am the nerd-girl, the outcast, the rocker that didn't really care all that much about what a girl should and shouldn't do. I wasn't born with a lipliner in hand. I still rarely wear lipstick because I want to be able to make out with my man without him getting a nice red up his nose.
Then again, that was the purpose of the blog - makeup-geekery and not makeup-snobbery. This is not a blog for the cool kids that want to be Nicole Richie, it's for the kids at the freaks-table.

These days, this kid wear a whole lot of aubergine. I guess goth hit my 20 years too late? Aubergine, purple and red for eyeliner, except most of the time I don't wear eyeliner but lipliner. Oh yes, I said a lip-thing on the eyes - It's easier to smudge and I can find it in the colors I want.
All smeared and smokey to my perfection.
Below is Bare Escentuals Lipliner in Wearable wine mixed with a Mexx lipliner in dark brown/aubergine (#04). On top of it all, a no-name offwhite eyeshadow to blend.

Zooming out (and not brightened for detail, my skin isn't that white), we get this which isn't at all very goth but quite.....soccermom with lipliner all over her head.

What the taupe is this?

I am not a taupe-kind of girl. Yet I have found myself mysterically drawn to the beige trend. I wouldn't ever buy a polish that color at full prize, but when one was sold on Tradera with a bunch of items I wanted to try, I figured, what the hell?! I didn't buy it at full-prize, I didn't follow the lemmings, I'm a-ok. Except, when I got my purchase, guess what was the first thing I had a closer look at?
You've guessed it and yes Ma'm, it's beige. The color in question is called Autumn Fairytale and is by Lumene but I'd rather call it Old hag's blush or why not Bloody snot? Ah, who am I kidding? I actually like this color on my nails. It makes me feel less up yours! and more up my own.

Nice brush, not very opaque (above is 4 layers and still, not opaque)  and definitely not long-lasting as it chipped before I was out the door, but it's truly a quick one when it comes to drying. It's nice, for you and your grandmother.

long lost lover

Declaring this, I'm aware it put's me in the que for a show like What not to wear (where Mica Paris will tell me mature women don't do punk), but for 10 years or so, my favorite eyeshadow has been a turquoise from HM. The cheapest of the cheap at $1.8 á piece, more vibrant and pigmented than any  you could find elsewhere. I don't know how many of these I picked up and send to my friends in States and the UK, but it wouldn't surprise me if I was the biggest customer in my town.

Of course, it was discontinued ages ago and when my beloved kid found my beloved (unused, saved for later) eyeshadow stash and played dress-up with it, I was less than happy. So, when I found it and some of it's siblings online, I was ecstatic. Let's hoard eyeshadow like there's no tomorrow, or rather, like I'll be around for the next 300 years!
Unfortunately, when I got them and realized that HM had given the eyeshadow a makeover before discontinuing them and that makeover wasn't just the package, but the shades as well. Same numbers, different slightly colors.The ones marked as Divided eyeshadow are the ones I used to wear and these new ones are duller. All of them are duller. Reading the ingredientlist it's obvious it was intended as it's not the same.

I feel cheated. Not financially as they are still dirt-cheap, but cheated of my dream of being able to wear the same color I wore when I was young and un-hip.

A proper swatch or a nice photo

Last night, I added two more layers to my Mandalay Ruby and as it's a jelly that gets increasingly darker for every layer you add, it looked nothing like the picture below.
Today I had a hard time to try and pin the color down. Taking a picture of the color isn't that hard, but what fun is that? A swatch is just that, color on an object. I can't help but want to make something artsy. It might not be color-accurate, but atleast it eh...makes me smile.
Guess my inner-child is ever present, right?!

Below is a more color-accurate photo of my love, Mandalay Ruby. Still not a proper swatch though, guess I'm not a swatchy type of girl....


Orly is my homegirl

I know, it's only polish but tell me you haven't been bummed when it just won't work? Perfect color, naked nail and it just goes down the crapper again and again? If it's just a mess, why even give it a try? Why spend time (and money) on something that won't work?
I can't help but wonder why I get so frustrated when it happens but to be honest, this last mess almost made me swear off nailpolish.

But then, I did what I always do - I picked up an Orly and was amazed at how perfect their formula is. Thin but opaque, rarely get's gooey and it's just a dream to apply. I've only come across one Orly that was giving me a hard time and that was a mini, Chocolate martini. So stuffed with tiny speckles of glitter, it's almost liquid glitter, it took ages to dry.

Above you see the Orly in question, one coat of my beloved Mandalay Ruby, and I am trying to mimic Nihrida and her pose, but either my hand's too big or my head too small, because I just can't get it to work. I guess it takes hard work and practise.

Girls just wanna have color

Can you spot the soccer-mom? The woman that looks like she has no neck? That's me as of yesterday.
15 minutes before taking the dog for a walk, I decided to cut off 3 inches of hair. I would want to blame it all on my polish-disasters leaving me all colorless but to be honest, it was more about the heat and even more about the fact that I am a sucker for change.
Grabbing the scissors 5 minutes before you're out the door just because you want, no, you need that change. I've done it since I was 12 and haven't been to a hairdresser since.

Now I just need to add some color, I'm thinking sea-green stripes in the bang, to feel more like myself again. I feel and look too darn wholesome.

Below you see a selection of haircuts I've had the last 10 years. A couple of colors, mostly turquoise and purple, are missing. Guess I had too much fun to stop and take a picture, right?!

Moulding a polish-precipice

What is it that makes nailpolish work wonders on some people and just end up a streaky mess on others?
The same polish, the same color and all, and yet, somebody raves about it but the next thinks it's porridge in a jug?
My nemesis is yellow but there's also a green one lurking in the shadows. It goes on looking like watered white-out, it's streaky and it never dries. With one of them, the Depend, you can re-mould the polish, move it around and play with it forever as it never sets.
Thinking it was my bodylotion or maybe residues from my conditioner, I re-did it a few days later, but the same old, same old.... No base-coat, no top-coat, just polish on a clean nail and still, it's a disaster.

People I know that can spot a good polish a mile away have raved about both of these polishes, but none of them work for me.
Now, I remember reading a blogpost about chemicals and how our personal cocktail of chemicals means that some product may not work as they should, but I forgot to bookmark the post :
does anybody remember? Was it you that wrote it?
Either way, I am starting to think it must be something like that. Can somebody please explain or have a guess?

Hard(core) eyeliner

Sometimes things just don't work out. You want to give it a try and you give it your very best..eh.. 30 SEK/$3.80, but all you end up with is dry glitter with the occasional lump of glue.
That is what you get when you buy discontinued makeup on Tradera/Ebay - a hit or miss.

I am not a glitter-girl and this was my first and only attempt at being one. I can take a hint, I can.
Even if it would have had the best formula since whipped cream, it still wouldn't have worked. Glitter on my face just looks like 3-year old did my make-up. Neh, this Too Faced-eyeliner goes into Iggy's  play dress-up box.

Come on Barbie, let's go party!

I started this blog on a dare ("Lisa writing on beauty, what a joke") but also to keep myself busy. To keep myself sane. I have had some medical issues this last year that's turned me into a bitter hermit, even online, and I needed a challenge to get back out there.

So far it's worked wonders on my photography - I want to pick up my camera which is something I haven't in the last 3 or 4 years. What it hasn't worked wonders on is my wallet. It was thin to begin with and 2 months into this Rugby beauty-business, it's starving.
So, I've made a decision to save my wallet and prevent it from committing suicide:
no buys over 50SEK irl ($6.35) and online, I will only go hunting on Tradera/Ebay where 100SEK ($12.75) is the limit.

I know this sounds awful as well as ridiculous to a proper beautyjunkie, but I don't like the "Oh, nice, I want it feeling" that comes over me every other minute as I read all of your blogs. It's like the list of must-haves just gets bigger and bigger when deep down, most of the things listed aren't things I really want.
I am not a shopper and not a hoarder, I'm a girl that likes to pose my nailpolish and take clickiticlick-photos of it. I guess nailpolish is my Barbie?

In the end, I'd rather spend $19 on the new novel by Joyce Carol Oates than a brand new OPI in the local stores. Makeup and nailpolish is ridiculously overpriced in Sweden and I can't justify spending that much money on it.

The polish above is Dream on from Sinful Colors and it is much more fuchsia in real life than my photo suggests. $5 online at Tradera, a good buy. It's posing with a spread in an old Bust magazine (dec/jan 09)