Baby you can paint my car

I have a few untried nailpolishes sitting on a shelf. I bought them all a while back, but I just can't get myself to...It's not that they're not lovely in their own ways, but I just can't see myself wearing them just now. I'm not a metallic(a) type of girl.
They all remind me of carpaint. While I love the idea Autopaint Cosmetics did with launcing classic cars' paint as hues in a  nailpolish-line, I am a little more skepctical towards Volvo's attempt at being hip. Simply put, I think more cars should have the color of great nailpolish (can you imagine a car the color of For Audrey or maybe even Pink Voltage?) and less nailpolish should look like carpaint.

But today I figured - why not? Another birthday has passed and why let myself be bothered by what I think I should look like? Why do I pinpoint myself to the point where I don't dare to....look like a Volvo?
If my ass is getting all station-wagon, why not go with the flow?
So, I did. The polish in the back is the only Orly I have that's still untried. I love Orly, so why is it still sitting there? It's Witch's Blue and while it doesn't look very tempting in the bottle, dark denim blue with greyish shimmer, it did look quite freaky cool on the nail. Indoors it just looks like any dark nailpolish but when you go out or step into bright light, there's definitely something blue on the nail. I comes to life and it's intense alright!

But it's still something that looks like I nicked it off my dad's shelves in the garage. Being too cheap, too punk or too DIY to buy nailpolish. Plastic padding, oh, free concealer anyone?
I think we even had a car that looked like it was painted a sunkissed Witch's Blue?! And sure, on the way downtown to get us some cake, I managed to find a moped this color, a perfect match. I'm a moped baby, so why don't you kill me.

Hey, what's up? I'm 34 and I look like a car.
It's no comfort that the car I remembered having this color was a Porsche 911 from the early 70's. I would rather have looked like our old baby-blue Wolkswagen Beetle...

To blog or not to blog

A lot of my friends and acquaintances still find it odd as well as rather amusing that I have this blog. That I, the girl who looks like she slathers on foundation with an Ikea roller-system and rather spends money on records and books than beauty-products, writes about colors, formulas and brands.
I rarely get what it is they find amusing about it, but then again, I do read a lot of so-called beauty-blogs. Or rather, I read makeup-blogs as well as nailpolish-blogs. The word beauty doesn't seem fitting, it's not beauty-blogs I'm reading.
And by stating that, we're back to the chicken or the egg-dilemma; would there be a makeup-industry if it wasn't for our obsession with beauty? Or did the makeup-industry kickstart our obsession and does it keep us consumers like puppets on a string? Are we all helping them along with our blogs? Who are we supporting, customer or manufacturer? Is there even a distinction any more?

I know this is the type of entry most readers rather skip, but I think it's most definitely something to keep in mind when we read all these blogs. I am starting to think less and less people are thinking about  
  • what they just read
  • what  impact it had on them  
  • why it was there for them to read
Do blog-readers question what they read or are they just a little bit naive thinking it's all about love, peace and happiness?
How much material on a blog is based on pure interest and how many posts are influences by companies sending out material, goodies and review-examples? How many entries are written as a way to get listed by the PR-companies, to get noticed? How many readers read the disclosure policies and how many bloggers truly believe what they're stating about their own blogs?

These last few days, I've seen a lot of entries that I have found quite out of place. Where you can't help but ask yourself - Are these entries are paid for? Where's the fine print I am missing?
It's also quite common that you see the same information spread over a wide range of blogs but everybody's pretending like they just made it up. A brand gets massive coverage in blogs just by sending out an email stating that if said blogger give the brand some space on their blog, they can expect a massive goodie-bag and to be on the list.
I've seen it explained by bloggers as "People want to know / We're just giving them the information / It's just news" but is it really? What would be the difference between an ad and news?

What would you like to see in a blog? What do you avoid? Do you read blogs that have paid ads? That have paid posts?

Quality-control to Major Tom

What do you get if you put gold (red and silver) glitter in a red nailpolish? You get something that from a far looks like it's copper. I don't like copper. Sounding like a character in a Bret Easton Ellis' book, "It's just, ah baby, not cool. It's just so 90's man."

Del Sol's Heartbreaker look like a copper-polish in a certain light. Quite fugly, but you can't help staring. Jingle bells and Eggnog, Santa's not coming to town - this is a polish that's supposed to make you think of long lost love. You're probably supposed to feel vampy in this polish. I don't. I feel like I'm getting $5 an hour for being Mrs Santa in a local shopping mall. The fact that it takes atleast 4 layers to get decent coverage and that it get's so thick it won't dry certainly doesn't help.
But hey, even Mrs Santa has to leave work and go outdoors, doesn't she? That's when I truly get the Heartbreaker-polish. The copper makes way for a blueish tint and the polish turns bordeaux. You know Mrs Santa's going to go home and make some Santa's little helpers...
Over all, this is an okay nailpolish but it's most definitely overpriced ($10 at their website) as all Del Sol-polishes are. The formula is watery, the color-change isn't that dramatic and it seems like the quality-control department is on permanent leave because I haven't read a single review that is the other alike. I know this product has been around for ages, but it needs some work.

The polish lasted for 3 days which is more than I expected as the first chipping occoured before I had finished painting my nails. That's a big plus. On the downside though is that it stained. My nails are now an odd shade of coral. That means, use a basecoat unless you like the free nailcolor that staining is...

She's got zombienails for zombiehands

First I'd like to apologize for the crappiness of these photos. They're taken with my old cellphone because I haven't been able to bring my Pentax. Add to that, on 2 different days but woth with dog and kid in tow.

Anyhow, I'd like to show you what happens when you take 3 layers of Ruby Slipper and add one layer of Electrick! (both Del Sol). I got tired of Ruby Slipper and when it started to chip, I added another color-changing polish to see if something weird would happen.
Nothing weird did happen, but I did manage to get zombie-nails in a certain light!

Indoors, it just looked like plain old silverfoil - clear with glitter plus a shimmery baby blue. Outdoors, albeit no full sun, the red from the Ruby slipper broke through the cold shimmer and it looked like a nice lilac/raspberry duochrome!
I can't wait to see what this looks like on a sunny day. These polishes may not be longlasting (they chip within a day) but mixing, blending and layering might make it a lot of fun.

Uhu, don't say a thing!

Ever since I Told Iggy there are color-changing nailpolishes, she's been nagging about getting one. To be honest, I think it's quite interesting as well. Have since I was 14, in language-school over the summer in Brighton and bought my first moodring. Thinking it would change the world as I know it and from now, I'd be all mysterious and nobody would ever be able to pin me down.
It didn't happen. The ring rarely changed color and according to it, I was living my life in a slimegreen maner. If I remember corectly, that meant I was not a cool bird, but a stone cold fish.

However, I'm older and wiser these days. Plus, I have a kid that wanted it and I do have a growing nailpolish-addiction to feed. When Nailmail had Del Sol (which is free from the 3 evils)as a subscription-offer, I signed up for a membership and 3 polishes. It's a novelty-item, I know, but sometimes you need things like that to brighten your mood and make you remember what it was like to be an odd tosser.

The polish arrived and sat around for a while. Looked cute on the shelf. Iggy tried them but managed to peel it off before she even went in the sun. So, for the love of my child, and of course, nailpolish, I tried one of them, Ruby Slippers, so she could see what it would look like if she managed to keep it on for more than 15 minutes. It's a clear polish with silverglitter but when you go out into full sun, it turns into a ruby red sparkle.
My Ruby slippers might be cute slippers, but they ain't Ruby red. Raspberries and cream (with glitter on top), sure, but it never really pops like I though it would and has seen at other bloggers. Maybe I need to stay out in the sun for more than a minute? Maybe it has something to do with skincolor and the fact that I'm ultra-pale with a yellow tint?
What ever the reason may be, it's a fun novelty polish and might be great fun to use in nailart. I think I'm going to use this for layering.

Just like a kid

As a kid, I didn't like things cutesy-cute.
As a teen, I most definitely did not like things cutesy-cute.
These days, I find my makeup in my kid's room - my husband thought it was toys. It's not the first time this has happened.
Guess that means I most definitely like things cutesy-cute today?!

Above you see the joy that is Eyeko's Fat balm in Raspberry. I use it on my lips, cheeks and sometimes even my eyelids. On a hot day like this, it's some Fat balm, mascara and I'm ready to go.

We're in the greenhouse now

I'm really not the girl to be self-conscious about things and I am definitely not the girl to let any so-called "flaws" hinder me from doing what I want to looking however I want (my big nose is my homie), but I must admit, these last few days, me and my hands haven't been getting on. Zombiehands may sound cool but when it's caused by strep, it's just morbid. Which brings me to Morbid, the polish by WetnWild.
Decided to fight my newfound self-consciousness and shallowness, and match my zombiehands with a polish called Morbid.
Strep or no strep, it's still a green polish. From a far, it looks blackish green but most of the time, I think it's a dark emerald-green with steel-grey shimmer.I've seen it described as a black creme with teal shimmer numerous times, but I don't see it. I see green. I am not a green girl. Ok, limegreen, pukegreen and neongreen may rock my boat, but a solid green is something I only want to see on my allotment. I want to eat it.

But, there's a big but in here, this is a great polish just like every other WetnWild nailpolish I've tried. Great formula (on the thin side), dries fast and doesn't get streaky. One thick coat or two thin is enough to get it opaque. I've read some complaints about the thick cap making it hard to be precise but I think it was workable.
Those that say budget-polish or anything under $10 is just a waste of money haven't given WetnWild a go. The hype isn't just a hype.

(Artistic blurry photo because I care about my readers and I want you to be able to keep your lunch)

Do you do cute?

When I bought the pink Hello Kitty polish, Cool Summer, a while back, it wasn't for me. It was for Iggy: pink, cute and Hello Kitty - a 3,5 year olds dream-polish.
She has yet to try it as she thinks it's too cute. She likes a dark pink, a fuchsia or hotpink. I don't blame her, I do too. If it has to be pink, let it be PINK! Natural shades and bridal manicures with soft pastels aren't for me.
But here I am. Almost no fingernails left and my skin is still peeling from the penicillin. I want to put some polish on my nails but my generic black/purple vampy colors will look horrid on these fingers. True zombie-fingers, flesh torn off.
At first I figured that maybe a silent taupe would do it, but I have a bunch of untried polish waiting around and none of them are taupe. The only color among them that seemed to flatter these overcooked sausagerolls was an untried pink. The pink, the Hello Kitty pink. Imagine that?!

I guess one can say that if you have no expectations, you will always be pleasantly surprised, and I was. This was a one-coater (even if I used two) of thin creme-polish that almost applied itself unlike it's purple sibling. Not as cutesy-cute pink as the bottle suggests but it has a little more bite to it. Somewhat more intense than your average Pepto Bismol. It's one of those that looks really bright in direct sunlight but indoors, it's not so cutesy cute but quite intense.
As it's one of the cheaper HM-polish (you didn't think that was possible, did you?!) at 19.50SEK for 15ml ($2.50 for an 0.5 Fl), you can afford one for you and all of your friends even though it might not be your favorite shade of pink.

Don't be bullied by the Money

As you might have read in comments or on twitter, there's been yet another incident where a company threatens a blogger through their lawfirm. A lot of us would probably take a cease and desist-letter not only as an insult, but as a reason to stop blogging. Why spend your hard-earned money writing about something you like, love and praise when the companies that are getting your money, don't value or respect you as a customer?
There's been a couple of companies doing this but I guess we don't hear about them all because frankly, a blogger can't afford a potential lawsuit and even if the threat isn't legit or will hold up in court, who dares to face the dragon?

Daily Polish just did and I love her for it.
I also adore Lacquerized. I want a superhero-toy that looks just like her. She wrote an excellent post about the matter and added an illustration that I can't help but make into a permanent button on my page. It's going into the layout, that's for sure!

Remember, a blogging community isn't just about linklove and being a GFC-follower, but supporting your fellow bloggers. Do that! Even if they don't say anything you might agree with, support their right to say it without being bullied or silenced by companies.

Others that have written on the matter are
Magic Maid, Of faces and fingers and Addicted to all things pretty.
As well as A polish problem, Lola Blue blog and My Lucid Bubble

Chicken or the egg, brush or conditioner?

A while back I won an Aussie haircare set. I've never been a hairgal but I have read a lot of good reviews on the brand and it's products, so I entered the giveaway thinking my chances were slim to none.
I won but luck has it somebody (post-office?!) nicked the hair-masque and while all I got was the conditioner and shampoo, I was happy with just that. Usually I'm going for the cheapest haircare with good conditioner and the most neutral smell which usually means it's VO5 that's going with me home. Since Body Shop's Banana conditioner, not much have left me amazed.
I figured Aussie would make me dump my VO5 Fade Defy. Praised brand vs drugstore cheapie, it seemed an obvious choice.
My first impression of Aussie was yet another thing that made me think it would make me kick VO5 to the curb: great packaging that talks back ("Color mate conditioner for colored hair, funnily enough") and looks cute with it's flowers and kangaroos. The smell is the absolute winner - it smells like apricot kernels which is a fruity nutty smell. Think almonds as there's a reason why apricot kernels are used to substitute almonds when cooking for those allergic to nuts. A touch of eucalyptus keeps it from going from fruity to sickly sweet.
The consistency of the conditioner is also somewhat different compared to most other I have tried. Less slimy and more like a bodylotion which makes perfect sense - you want to rehydrate your hair.
I have a slight crush on my Aussie products, except, they don't work all that well. They're ok, but not more. I think it's the conditioner that sells a brand as a shampoo is just the first stage - getting rid of the shite. A conditioner makes the hard work of turning your frizzy grizzly-fur into a soft shiny mane that hardly needs a brush to look fantastic. My Aussie doesn't do that for me. Shiny, sure but it's still tangled up in a knot. I googled for reviews to see if I was the odd one out, but no, seems I'm not the only one that noticed that the conditioner doesn't do it's job. However, there aren't that many reviews around which I find strange seeing as Aussie is much like Eyeko, showering bloggers in freebies, events, giveaway-items and promotion-material.

I've spend some time trying to figure out what the magic ingredient is that separates the two. The one that my cheapie conditioner has that Aussie doesn't. Is it in the slime? It can't be, can it?
Well, if that slime is Quaternium, I guess it can. It seems to be what separates VO5 from Aussie (as well as the other conditioners I had on my shelf which all had Quaternium). Reading up on the subject, I realize that it is indeed slime, allergenic slime that is linked to formaldehyde. Do I want that in my hair even if it means I don't ever have to brush? Shouldn't I just diss my VO5 and go for Aussie which seems safer?

That's what I did.
I'd rather brush my hair more often and be able to use the same haircare-products on my daughter, than take the easy way out. I have yet to look up all the ingredients Aussie use, but another day, another day.

What's in a name?

One thing that definitely gets me going, other than cute packaging, is a good name. A good name that sticks, makes me laugh or just fits like a glove. WetnWild may not be the greatest of them all as all it makes me think of is barely legal girls entering Wet t-shirt contests where all they get is the attention of middle aged men.
However, the polish I got in the WetnWild giveaway, a polish I'm not certain is even available in Sweden yet (please correct me if I am wrong) is a shade called Morbid. I don't get why a color like that could be considered morbid but I do think it has a color that Morbid Angel would approve of.
I've seen it described as black with a teal shimmer but I'd rather say dark grey with a forrestgreen shimmer.
I guess it depends on the light and when I took my photo, it was 91 degress Fahrenheit and sunnier than a Beatles' song from the late 60's.

I think a polish named Morbid would and should be corpse-colored. Not the real color, which is yellowish, but like in the movies, a cool blue jelly with red undertones. I've been trying to franken a color like that for ages. The WetnWild polish is a great color, but it isn't morbid to me.

How matte are you?

After reading Alizarine claw's post on matte polish and wear, I decided that maybe I should post one of my own as I am currectly matte. Now, I am no rockstar and neither a construction worker, but as an alloment-slaving mother of a 3-year old, I think I can produce a whole lot of wear in little to no time.
Add to that the fact that my skin's been shedding like I was a snake, making me look like a zombie, and not just somebody that got penicillin prescribed.
2 days of Lincoln Park after dark, the matte version. It's been with me digging after carrots, looking for Spongebob at the beach and itching my fingers because of that darn Kåvepenin.
The bottle suggests that this is an Eggplant-colored polish but with 3 layers on my fingernails it looks more like the darkest Kalamata olives or maybe even dried blood, which gives the expression vampy a whole different meaning.

And psst, if you know what movie-poster is reflected in the mirror, I think I love you.

Not even going past 2nd base

It's been a while as the dog ate my homework the lightning ate my internet.
When you're used to doing everything on the net, from checking the temperature to arrivals and possible adventures, life becomes incredibly dull when the internet's elsewhere. At first that is, then you forget everything about anything that needs to be done, checked or answered and just read a book instead.

That or try something new. Like a powder. Would you believe me if I told you I am a powder-virgin? It's true. An old Max Factor powder and me went out a couple of times back in -96 or so but there wasn't any spark. No connection, nothing. We went our separate ways, I stayed with sheer foundations and it went straight into the bin.
Sure, the powder made my face stay matte through whatever ordeal I put it through, but it also made me look like the bearded lady with a fuzzy nose. It amplified every imperfection and made the tiniest pore look like a crater.

So, when I got powder in the giveaway-bag from WetnWild, I didn't really know what to do with it and I still don't. It's the cutest packaging I have seen as far as budget-powder goes, but I can't just have it around as decoration, can I?
It's a compact powder in Natural from their Natural wear-line that's supposedly eco-friendly wih all natural ingredients. It even comes with instructions which I, powder-newbie, first followed and then ignored. Patting powder under the eyes doesn't seem like a brilliant idea as it just makes my so-called fine lines appear to ge geat canyons. Instead I ended up using this powder as I usually do (using sheer or bright eyeshadow), as a way to fix my eyeliner and eyemakeup. A powdery primer like we did in the 80's.

But that's not how you're supposed to make use of your powder, is it?
How do you make yours work for you?

Not for the fainthearted golddigger

I know that there are some people that consider freebies cheap and sure, if it's free it doesn't cost a thing, so yes, it's better than cheap! I don't think cheap is a bad word, I embrace cheap. I have little to no budget and when a blog I like is hosting a giveaway with things I like, chances are I am participating.

I know that some blogs have recently been ranting on and on about how giveaways are a way for bad/lousy/uninteresting blogs to gain popularity and therefor find themselves on the PR-companies' lists, but I personally think that's trunk full of bollocks.
Who cares what does what and why? If somebody buys products with their own money to host a giveaway, how can that be considered a yell for freebies and attention? Even if it happens to be furnished by a company, who cares? It really irks me that the cool kids are so anti giveaways. Why is that? Should we all pretend we're all high-end creatures that can't stand anything that isn't gold-plated? Is there's some hierarchy where only the cool VIP-people should be on the send-list?

If you haven't gotten it by now, this is a PRO-GIVEAWAY post.

Above you see my latest winnings. I rarely win, but when I do, it feels like Christmas! I get to try things chances are I couldn't afford or wouldn't be able to get my hands on. I like makeup and nailpolish for what it is, color for the face and not must-haves for the hip, so winning some Wet'n'Wild (through Facebook) is just as amazing as winning some Aussie haircare products (through Makeupoholic). The highlight so far though, was winning products from Stem Organics which is a company that I have read a lot about but couldn't afford to try myself. So far, it's the greatest skincare products I have ever come across and that thanks to a giveaway.

And hey, while we're on the subject of giveaways, darling Feline over at Alizarine claws is putting together a giveaway but needs some more followers to meet her goal of 333.
The Hungry Asian has an ongoing giveaway ('til this Wednesday) where you have a chance of getting your hands on some lovely polish by Eyeko as well as Color Club and some frankenpolish made by herself.

Nail-junkies, aren't we all?

I have developed a crush on Sinful colors and I think it may very well be the brand that (finally) puts Orly as number two.
Nice bottles, nice brushes, great formula that might be considered on the thin side (but I'd rather do many layers than not get a single one right) and they have some amazing colors.

I've been eyening Catch me in your net for a while but I have to confess, it's OPI and I really don't like what OPI's been doing to bloggers, nailoholics and sellers/retailers. I know that it's well within their right to protect their brand, but the way they have gone about it has just left me with not just sour taste in my mouth, but also disgust.
I could write a long entry about how I think certain brands (and not just OPI) are pushing authorized stores as a way to keep prices up, but I won't. Instead I will just state that a while back, I decided to only buy my OPI on Ebay/Tradera, ie, I won't support the brand with my money. I know OPI couldn't care less as I am just one girl with bad cuticles and no money, but never the less.....
That meant Catch me in your net is not going to be purchased so when I spotted Nail Junkie by Sinful Colors, I was not only thrilled but ultrapleased as it's so much cooler than the one I was lusting for.
More aqua-green than aqua-blue, sheer and holo-glitter in a jelly base that's flooded with the tiniest silver glitter. Think mermaid, so pretty your eyes hurt. You can't stop staring at the nails/bottle.
I wore 3 layers and it's almost opaque.

Nail Junkie for the win.

The glitter-gutter

Somebody once said Glitter makes the world go 'round, you've got to add a little something extra to make life sparkle. As I am a wee bit ill at the moment and could use a little something, I added nothing but glitter to my eyes. Like the cool kids do.
Too faced eyeliner to my face that rarely is in contact with any glitter at all. I am so much a glitter-virgin that I was shocked when I used Dove's Pro-age daycream, remember?

It's been 3 hours. I still have a nasty stomach-bug, the laundry is still waiting to be done and nothing spectacular has happened to make life sparkle. Well, if you don't count the person that asked me if I had allergies to which I had to reply "Eh, no, I was just trying something new. Glitter you know..."
I guess I could have turned it up a notch, gone Dame Edna on you all, but really? On a Tuesday? I am too uptight for that and hey, it's windy day. Glitter, gone with the wind.

Let's face it, glitter stays away from the face. Nails only.

And then there was duochrome

Yet another find, this time at a fleamarket. 6 bottles, 3 of each, for 40SEK ($5.25) which is okay considering they go for 25SEK ($3.25) a piece at the stores.
Depend's duochrome in green/purple (called #109) and Depend's holo glitter in pink jelly (called #76). The latter is a bit thick and could use some nailpolish thinner, but it's so gorgeous, I don't mind.
Both are discontinued and as far as I can guess, from 2007 or so?!

(Why did I buy 3 of each? They came in a 3-pack...)

New friends over

Just got 7 new friends. Don't think I've ever got that many polishes in one batch before. Don't even know to start?! One could be to try and figure out which My private Jet it is that I've got my hands on. I think it might be the teal and not the holo.

If it wasn't so darn hot right now I'd be taking better pictures of them all, but I leave it for another day.

You aren't, are you?