Call of the banshee

To play along the lines of a Feline-post, do you know the word skogsrå? Of course you don't. I wish you did though. It's our swedish little twist on the Banshee. A bit darker, a bit nastier. A hole in the back and all.
That's how I feel today. An alluring call, sweet presence and then a punch in the face. It makes sence my nails look like they're dipped in blood. They're not though, just La Colors Luscious wine. A nice red jelly that might look like wine in it's bottle, but on my fingers, it's blood.
As I have no forestgreen eyeliner, I took the devine Eyeko Magic Liquid Eyeliner and dipped it into my old Stillness eyeshadow from Face. Two old green eyeshadows from HM (Kitty beach party from this summer and a no-name from -04) serve as base. Now I look as mean as I feel.

A new addition to the family

While I like to have my nails a color that kicks, I don't really like painting them. Neither am I the girl that goes to the salon. I don't like being so-called pampered. I like to do things myself. Even my hair has been in my hands, literally, since I was 12.

But I guess it's about time I confess what I like the most about nailpolish:
getting them, sorting them, matching colors and looking for siblings.
There's not much things that are better than finding a package on your doorstep. A new bunch of colorful individuals that want to meet the rest of the family. Knowing there are more to come.
I guess that's one thing I really like about bying them online - you never really know what you're going to get. The hunt is what it's all about. The expectation.

See, once I used to sort my records by the color of their sleeve. A nice rainbow that had to be broken down and rearranged when I got new additions which was more often than not. A couple of hundred records, it takes time. My acrylics and water-soluble oilpaint, same thing. Sorted all nicely.
These days, I sort my polish. Not even close to a couple of hundreds, more like one....

All that glitters is not your friend

What do you get when you take 3 lovely bottles of polish and mix them? A nice franken, better than any chocolate cake? Well, in theory you could, but you could also end up with a layering that looks like something the Christmas tree threw up.
Note to self : don't play around when you're irritated. When your body hurts and you don't know where to go and what to do. Your nails will look like you feel. (now that is a mood polish, I tell you!)
That's 3 layers of China Glaze's Flip flop fantasy, which did look great on it's own but in the end, the streaks got to me. I never implied I was good at applying polish and sometimes that shows.

Unfortunately, I am a nitpick and I want perfection. Usually, a nice glitter polish comes to the rescue and diffuses whatever imperfection I think I may spot. Today I figured that maybe my first choice of glitter, Sinful's Nail junkie would be taking it one step too far (fishscale-like glitter on a neon coral) so I settled for one of my untrieds, HM's Hello Kitty polish Glitter purple. Unfortunately, that polish is uneven. Glitter comes in clumps and I just couldn't get it to look somewhat even. So, more glitter to the rescue - adding a french tip using HM's Hello Kitty Glitter Silver.

Now I look like Tammy Faye. All because I didn't want to remove a polish that annoyed me. All because I truly despise removing nailpolish when it isn't over and done with.
Will I ever learn?

Note #2 to self: Buy Konad/fauxnad-set. Might be the rescue when everything else fails.

In a hurry 'cause I got a worry

It's been a bit hectic lately. Kid off to daycare, husband off to work and I am going back to school. While I may be the girl that blogs about toxic waste, ie nailpolish, I am attempting getting my bachelor of science in public health. If I fail, you can bet I will blame it all on the fumes. Bad bad polish...
No, not really, but I don't see it as a conflict of interest. Should I?
But, I would want to blame the fumes for this little mishap:

I can't get my Ellis Faas Light-pen to work. It comes with a manual, yet it doesn't do what it's supposed to. I think I need to google it to understand what to do when everything else fails. Does it need surgery?
However, I do appreciate the design and not just because it's fallatic presence. I feel like the doctor on Star trek, hypospray to the rescue! I am glad I did not pay for it but won it in a giveaway because a toy for £25($38) would have been a....bust if it wasn't send to the trekkie that even has Star trek-chess.

The pen, ie hypospray, is on top of Iggy's painting of me having just had my nails painted. Eleven fingers on one hand, looking like a flower. That's me, a petite flower all right!
Please note the blue lipstick and the somewhat hysteric outfit. My kid has me pinned.

Walking the green line

Recently I've been in a green phase and I just got 2 to add to my collection. They're both a brand I haven't heard about before - Golden Rose. I googled it and found some old blogreviews and a website, but nothing more. Why? Wrong side of the sea? Not enough pr through the right channels? Bad rep? From what I can gather from the american website, they're cheap enough to be hoarded en masse and the color-range is pretty good.

I gave mine a quick testdrive and while they weren't opaque (actually far from it, 4 coats and still visible nail line), they were easy to work with and dried fairly quick. One looked like a neon in the bottle (2nd from the left) but was more a green grapes-type of green than a true neon. The other polish was a sheer pear-green jelly with glass specks.

The only thing that bothers me is that I can't find a list of ingredients. Not on the bottles and not even on the original website. But then again, I guess the general public cares less about what's 3free and what's not, than the nailoholic does?

Where do you put your toothpaste?

I was debating whether I was going to post this because strictly, it's not makeup and it's definitely not fun. But, it might belong under the cosmetics-category and it's one where I have been trying to go natural for a while. Yes, there's that word again, natural. What it means depends on who's using it and whether it's always better for you, that isn't as obvious as one would think.
Nevertheless, my polish-addiction aside, I wouldn't mind having less chemicals in my life.

So, when I had the chance to win a toothpaste/whitener marketed as the natural option by EVA in a giveaway, I jumped at the opportunity. While my current toothpaste may not contain triclosan, it has an list of ingredients that's almost as long as this post.
My last encounter with natural toothpaste was pure horror (anisflavored vomit) but keep in mind, that was maybe 15 years ago. A lot has happened since then. I hope.
First off, the hygenic aspect of this is pure horror. Powder in a big jar. Dip your toothpaste. That's not the brightest idea, so I just put some on a cup and dipped my brush into that.

Did it work wonders? Are my teeth whiter than any marshmallow? Does my breath make the birds sing?
Not really. It's nothing spectacular. I haven't noticed any change in my teeths' coloration yet (5 days in) and as a toothpaste, it's just a more expensive version of the old classic DIY-paste out of bakingsoda. For instance, How it all vegan has a good basic recipee for toothpaste as well as mouthwash.
The only difference is that with this, you have Sodium perborate and Sodium lauryl sulfate added as active ingredients. They're the guys that supposedly are going to make your teeth white(r).
I guess this is where it gets a bit tricky - the former is an ingredient that shouldn't be used on or near lips. Apparently, you shouldn't handle it unless using gloves. That is what I put on my brush and into my mouth. Then I spit it out.

Natural eyh? Guess I will use this as regular bakingsoda, a cleaning detergent. I bet it will be a killer on those dye-stains in the shower.
The Eva Whitener retails for $24 and contains about 1,6 ounces.

Top dollar, if you got the dough

One thing, or rather two things, that makes me excited about fall being just around the corner, is that I get to use my favorite skincare products again. Slightly too rich and demanding during the summer, especially a hot clammy one like this, but perfect for the rest of the year.

I usually don't use a so-called purchased exfoliant, but rather go with a moist kitchen towel. Threadbare, old and scrubs just like the finest of sand. Nothing store-bought has ever been better than this old beauty-tip from the grannies of granny....until Stem Organics Smooth Skin Exfoliant.
While a towel may be somewhat rough on the skin depending on just how threadbare it is, Stem isn't. It's smooth and fine.
However, it's the Oil that really won me over. I use it on my face, lips, elbows, cuticles and sometimes even in my hair. Works wonders and smells divine.

The only thing that it has against it, is that I can't really afford it. The oil is $40 for 50ml/1,7fl oz and the exfoliant about a dollar less.
That's the problem with most organic products. A catch22 - using organic products is what I (we?!) want to do but I (we?!) can't afford  to try it. By not buying it, I am not supporting the companies that make organic products which means that in the end, if everybody was like me, there wouldn't be any organic products. No market, no products.
While the organic produce have become cheaper and easily accessible to public over the last 15 years, organic skincare and makeup is still quite pricey. Sometimes it seems organic just isn't for the working class. They get to stick with parabens and formaldehyde.

I won my Stem Organic products in a giveaway so I got to try them for free. I got to love them for free. However, I doubt I would have spend almost $80 on these products if they were new to me.  Would you?

Sometimes it just Depends

 While I may seem to bashing some brands, it's not all pitch black. Not even grey. Well, a rainy cloud kind of gray. See, I have forgotten to mention my all time favorite nailpolish. It was standing in the back, waiting for me to forget all about brights, glitters and neons.
Guess what? It's a Depend polish. Guess what polish is on number 2 of my all time favorite polish? Another Depend. That might be one of the reasons these last few Depend-polishes have been a let down - the formula and opacity on nr 1 and nr 2 were great.
With no further ado, I present to you the five main reasons why I just can't break up with Depend.
The two first I guess most of you recognize as rather recent Depend. It's 054 and 196. While the latter has a formula that leaves a lot to be desired, I am smittened by the color.

In the middle, you find a good khaki-green. MASH, Suicide is painless and all that. It might be so last year (literally), but number 172 is a color most nailpolish brands seem to forget all about. This is my number 2. Forever cherished and forever making me wish Depend made bigger bottles. 5 ml is 2 manicures and then a dried up polish.

Then there was number 169. King and Queen of all polish, all in one tiny bottle. It's the color of a rainy Sunday. Heavy rain and a storm coming. I love it. A dark blueish gray that is like no other. I need to find a dupe for this as it's sold out and discontinued.

Last of the five stars is a glitter. The first glitter to reignite my love for nailpolish that wasn't all grunge. Fine glitter, looks like mercury. Silver with a lilac hint, it's number 119.

Oh, that Liberace cat!

What sparkles like Liberace, is cute like a kitten and cheaper than your average latte?
That's right, the new Hello Kitty nailpolish from HM which are both glitter. It's still a lot of polish for next to nothing, 16ml for 29.50SEK (0.5Fl oz for $3.95)
What are they called? Purple glitter and Silver glitter. Pretty unimaginative as is the polish itself. Guess the people over at HM are getting pretty tired of this feline with no mouth?!

Bought them earlier today and just before bedtime, Iggy wanted to take her new companions for a test-drive. The purple is cute and nice for layering but I had a hard time getting an even flow of glitter. The more common one, the silver glitter, was a lot easier. Why I have no clue. Glitter as glitter, right?

The photo above is not that color-accurate as it's taken after dark in fluorescent light (Shitty photo of a dull polish - sorry, I just couldn't be bothered. )
The purple polish is just a warm shade of purple. What looks black in the picture and on the bottle itself, is just the glitter distributed un-evenly. The blue is just highlights from my light. Too bad. This polish looks better in my photo than it does sitting on my desk.
If Iggy falls out of love with Hello Kitty, which I guess won't be happening soon, these are going franken.

PS: The bad photo-quality irks me a lot more than the bad polish-quality. Does this mean my polish-aholic days are over? That I am returning to what could be considered normal?

Lashing out

After having read Lipglossiping's recent post on what she's learned from beautyblogging, I decided to come out of the closet. Share my little secret that isn't a taboo or anything shocking but apparently it's so elementary that I have never dared to asked anybody about it. Just realized that it's something that I don't do that others consider basics:

Why and when did people start using mascara on the lower eyelashes?
The last time I did that, I was 12 and fiddling around with makeup. More is better was my motto.
With mascara on the lower eyelashes I looked like a panda. Mrs Panda after a long night waiting up for Mr Panda who was out binge-drinking with his compadres, just to find him head down in the lovely lilac-bushes...
I digress, but never the less, no, I don't get it. But then again, I am the girl that cut her eyelashes time and time again during her teens. Thinking they looked more like spiderlegs than something that could prettify a human.
These days, if there's anything black or brown on my lower eyelashes, it's a mistake and a result from me trying to break my last speedrecord on putting on makeup.

Calar me precious

It seems OPI has a thai-sibling. A bastard, not really part of the family. Not even related, but they have the same curves, smirk and appeal, so you just wouldn't know if you didn't have a closer look.

Found this on the swedish part of Ebay, aka Tradera, and had to get them. Haven't seen them mentioned on that many blogs and yet there are a bunch of asian nailart-blogs? I spotted some pages with the old bottles, but not with these.
It's the same font as OPI except this is not Nail Lacquer but Nail Colour. A tiny bit smaller than the OPI bottle and of course, nothing on the bottle-cap. Supposedly the same size, a good 15ml/0.5Fl oz, but weighs less. Has to do with the quality of the glassbottle maybe?
Can't find what shade or number it is unless it's actually the number molded on the bottom of the bottle, which sounds odd and a pricey adventure for a cheap polish. Different labels or print would be a lot cheaper than different bottles for each shade, wouldn't it?
Above you see two of them surrounding OPI's Yes...I can-can!

Yet to try them. Can't wait actually. This is what I love about collection something - the suspense. The eagerness to play with it.


Not much bums me out more than a polish with great potential turning out to be crap. This time it was the brand rarely mentioned on blogs, BeYu, that was a let-down.
Great color, thick as a brick-formula.  Never dried, looked like glue.

Trying to not put a damper on my eggplant-lusting mood, I decided to put on a layer of Opi's Yes...I can-can! which is a similar color but with greyish shimmer. While I have had some minor issues in the past with this polish, it's a strange feeling when you use a good nailpolish after a bad - you can't help but wonder what all these crappy formulas are doing on the market! If it is an uninspiring brand with so-and-so formulas, why are people still buying it? Or is it really something wrong with the formulas or has it to do with who uses it when and where?

I still think it has something to do with chemistry - what you use and wear in your daily life, everything from handsoap to medication to fabric softener, it all adds up. Why shouldn't it? We're all toxic avengers, the sum of what we have done and where we have lived.
What some praise, others consider useless. I got bashed recently for commenting that in my opinion  not all basecoats works with all nailpolish, but I do think there's more to polish than just apply and dry. I for certain know that my Orly Bonder does not work well with Depend's polish - they never dry. If that's because my Orly Bonder is the odd one out, made on a Monday, I don't know but it's a fact.

That is why a review is just that - one person's opinion on something.
Having said that, take my posts with a grain of salt - it's my nails in my world.
This means there will be no more BeYu for me.

That's some heavy-duty nailpolish

While the Depend-polish might have been a pain in the butt(hole surfers) to apply, it's been kicking my arse in the durancy-test. Applied it Monday night and a 2nd layer Tuesday morning. It's Saturday, noon, and it has barely chipped. Survived the allotment, the playground, the amusement-park and several dogs. I guess the thick plastic formula has it's purpose.

It's now to the point where I am getting tired of it. The humidity is off the chart so plaing around with makeup is useless and the nails, well, they don't need nothing from me. What to do? It's not like I have money to go shopping....

And, of course, the photo is a homage to Nihrida. I was thinking about making this a linklove post but I really don't have the time and you can see a bunch of my favorite makeup/nailpolish-blogs to the left on my blogroll. They're might be almost 140 listed, but they'e all good.
While the Wicked vixens might be my all-time favorite bloggers, I just have to point you to the direction of one vixen in particular, Lisa, as her nails are truly work of art.

That's some heavy-weight polish

I have had some issues with Depend's polish in the past.
This bugs me because simply put: It's cheap & it's swedish - I should do everything I can to support them. In theory that is. It's been harder to practise what I preach as their polish is thick and takes ages to dry.
However, I think I may have stumbled upon the secret and it's to do exactly what I don't ever do when it comes to polish: use one thick coat. One layer that looks like a flood coming down on your cuticles and that's that.
Took some time to dry, but not anywhere near as long as 3 thin layers did, and going to sleep 30 minutes after applying left no dents or scratches.

Granted, it feels thick and as if I had the cheapest acrylics on, but the color is so lovely, I just don't care. I've been lusting after Depend's number 54 since I first spotted it on a blog, but knowing the formula, I haven't bought it....until now.

The photo was taken at Malmö's Reptile Center where Iggy, me and my brother went yesterday to photobomb some poor tourists' photos. Suddenly we stumbled across this pond where dry-ice made it all look like the scenery in some old video with Danzig. Perfect photo-opp!
The polish in the photo above is actually color-accurate while everything else looks odd. This polish just doesn't photograph well.

Another thing while I have you reading - I have to travel some miles to get to the closest Lush, so I would just like to ask - How many of you have tried the Lush Color supplements? I have read two reviews and the verdict was definitely not similar, but quite opposite.

Know your product!

Why isn't anybody talking about BeYu? From what I understand it's a rather big brand, isn't it?
I must admit that you guys have more of an impact on me than magazines and salesclerks - if Google isn't coming up with some good reviews on a blog, chances are I'm not buying it. I figured that the silence might not be so much about it being a crappy polish, rather that they're not a company that's fully aware of the makeup-bloggers? Can it be as simple as this?
If you don't send out kits for review, nobody really talks about it and no-one adds it to their lemming-list because nobody knows it exists?
Or is it just too pricey? But then again, we see Chanel and Lippmann on a lot of blogs.

This is a polish I went back for. Spotted it in a store and was quite smittened. Asked the salesclerk what finish it had and if they maybe had a display, but her response was so stone-cold ("A finish? Is no such thing. It's opaque, that's what it is") I just put it back and left.
3 days later I went back and had a closer look at the bowl of polish. Yup, that's right, polish that's 70sek for 8ml ($9.70 for 0.27 fl.oz), all thrown in together in a plastic bowl where all the bottles ended up having scratches and specks of polish. Still, I bought it. With all of this going against it, this polish should be the new queen or something, don't you think?!

Maybe I am a snob, (ok, most likely) but when I go to a cosmetics store (which is rare and far between, internet for the win) I want to be able to get some help. Get to know what it is that I don't know. Helpful advice and some positive thinking.
Why else would one buy makeup in real life? It's definitely not cheaper!

Above you see what happens to be an exception to that so-called rule of researching your nailpolish. It's a BeYu polish in a shade called 314, a deep purple creme that ventures into eggplant-land. Looked like a jelly in the bottle, but was not.