Short nails and fatty chocolate

I'm not a brown girl but I couldn't resist this dark taupe, 549, which is by MNY described as color in the plums and purple-range, while in my book this is a brown. A mauve. Fatty chocolate milk brown, like the danish Matilde-chocolate. In the photo it's posed next to the Depend 188 which is a rich chocolate brown. The photo is somewhat over-exposed as it was the MNY-polish is a shade that's hard to pinpoint. It's a dusty, foggy  taupe polish, but in a lot of photos, it just came out dark brown.

The polish was uneven, the brush was a mess that needed a cut and even with 3 layers, it's still somewhat uneven, but still, I think this is a pretty ok polish. I'd rather take a thin polish over a thick and hey, everybody needs a haircut every now and then.
For 29.50:- ($4.30) I don't think I'll be getting any miracles, just an ok polish.

My nails are ultrashort at the time. Not by choice (my medication is messing with my skin, hair, you name it)  but I am starting to like it. It makes things easy and means the polish won't chip as easy. I got 6 days out of my last manicure (Chona Glaze's Zombie zest + Essie's Over the top) and the one above is on it's 2nd day. As I am the girl that wears no basecoat nor topcoat, I think that's pretty darn good.

MNY in the house!

When I read at Lipglossbitch that Maybelline New York with it's cute Nylon-like packaging was coming to Sweden, the cynic in me figured it was probably going to be a lot more expensive than it's supposed to be. That's what you get for living in Europe, everything that might be considered budget-friendly on one side of the pond gets overpriced on this side. So, when I heard that MNY was going to try and stick close to the original price-settings, I figured it was wishful thinking.

While I may be a cynic, there's still hope in my heart so I went to look for MNY in some of the stores where it was supposed to be sold and imagine, the prices were much like those at HM. Affordable color to the people, yeah!

While the nailpolish-range wasn't anything spectacular, there was still enough for me to make it hard narrowing it down to 3 bottles. Hadn't I been on a very tight-budget, I'd easily walked away with 6 or 7 polishes. A 7ml polish was 29.50:- ($4.30) which can be compared to Depend's polish which is 25:- for 5ml ($3.65).
There was also a moment where I wanted to buy a piece of the display, but that's just me - hooked on good design/kitsch.

Repetition does it

Sun's been in hiding for a while so I haven't been able to capture the wonder that is Zombie zest. To be honest, for a while there I was thinking that the zest was all surface and no play. It took ages to dry. Didn't work with Orly's Bonder. Didn't work with Essie's Marshmallow (which I wanted to use as a base to make the zest pop). But, did work well on it's own. No basecoat and it was a go. With no sunshine, the zest was a bit dull so I added a graphite-grey moon, Over the top, by Essie.

The manicure in the picture is a bit worn - it's it's 3rd day. 4 coats plus the Essie. However, I must say that while I don't like chipped nailpolish, I do like a worn manicure as long as it acts like worn denim. Gives a manicure some character. That or I am just lazy and making excuses. I guess the cuticles might give you a clue.

A nice zest for Friday night

Guess what appeared on my front-step this morning? That's right, Zombie zest. I couldn't help myself and hunted it down on the swedish part of Ebay, Tradera. Seller was Nagelglädje, highly recommended by a lot of polishoholics as well as myself.
First time I let a lemming control me.

The newbie way

The manicure I posted the other day could be considered a take on the half-moon manicure the vintage gals seem to love so much. Now, mine weren't full moons but if you'd like to do it the proper way, Noveau Cheap just posted a good tutorial.

I on the other hand, did it all backwards.
I remembered it being called the reverse french and did it just like that - my chocolate was covering the mint, which was the original manicure.

To the right you see what it looked like in progress. Less polish used than in the original version. I guess it's the lazy version.

Mint-chocolate or just brown mints?

What you see is China Glaze's Re-fresh mint, some stickers for french manicures, a nice chocolate brown (aka #188) polish from Depend and a woman who's cross-eyed from reading too much.

Not too bad considering it was my first attempt, but the stickers left a lot of residue. It took scrubbing and a good night of sleep to get rid of it.
The nails are shorter than ever. They can't handle Orly's Bonder. Well, they can as Bonder makes polish last forever and then simply, be peeled off in chunks, but it also dries my nails completely. Like sun-dried cardboard.

Polishspotting for beginners

Did I forget about Rugby Beauty? No, I didn't, but my computer forgot all about me. You never realize how much your computer means to you until it takes it's last gasping breath... Blogging on another computer feels like cheating. Did I tell you I am a geek at heart? Guess I don't have to.
When it comes to nailpolish, I am turning into an even bigger geek than I would ever had imagined:


Ever found yourself spotting nailpolish in ads, trying to figure out what brands they are? Putting the dvd on pause whenever a nailpolish-bottle flashes by? Realizing you like the show/movie more if it's a polish-brand you recognize? Seeing Drusilla in old Buffy re-runs makes you want to redo her fantastic manicure?

I do it all. Reading the latest InStyle, I don't (just) get caught up in the makeup-pages but I find myself staring at an ad for a chewing gum, trying to figure out why the white polish looks like chewing-gum. Who would use that? And why would they use it as props in an ad?

Atleast Ikea appears to be using polish from this day and age. From the bottle-caps, it looks like native brand Depend. The other 3 brands? Haven't figured it out yet...but I guess I will

Going from Grandma's

What do you get if you take your what could be your grandma's wildest nailpolish, which is most likely a lilac creme (in my case this was an old franken), and add your most hated polish to it? You get something that looks like Eyeko's raspberry fatbalm but with golden shimmer. The fat balm might be one of my favorite makeup-products of all time, but it's not a color I want on my nails.
You realize that hey, you're still in grandma-land and this isn't satisfying to anybody so you move on, add some Happy grey and some Outta bounds from China Glaze. All of a sudden you have something that looks like graphite with green undertones. In the sun, which is in hiding today, it should almost look like a nice duo-chrome. I think I actually like this one.
The frankening-bug got to me and let's just say, I've filled my bottles. Now I am looking for juggs, namely the FrankenJuggs. I think I might be the only polishoholic that doesn't have a drawer filled with empty bottles. I have now come to realize it's just as important as filled bottles...

Yet another lemming, but what is it I want?

I am no Ainos 2 aka Lisa. Far from it, that woman's an artist. I'm not even a konader, don't own a set (while it' on my wishlist).
My nailart isn't so much art as a result of me being bored out of my mind.
Yesterday, at Nia's place, trying to read my Social research method-book, I spotted an Essence white-liner for french manicure. Spotted went on to being spotting. Spotted nails on a pretty worn (understatement) manicure that left my nails completely dry.
Nothing spectacular but it gave me the idea to try and get my hands on all the Essence nailart pens. Not just to keep my occupied when I should be reading, but because they work pretty darn well.

However, I can't seem to find these on the website. Does anybody know which ones I am talking about and where to get them?

Edit: Found them! Of course the lovely Lacquerized had reviewed them.
Now it's just to get them. Anybody up for a trade?

Somewhat hooked on a certain Zombie

I lust for Zombie zest in a way that is not entirely sane or even ok. If I stumbled upon it, I would not just buy one but two because I'd really like to put one next to me on my pillow. Ok, not really, but it's not far-fetched. I don't think I have ever been so gaga over a makeup-product before. It looks different in every swatch. It goes from olive to lime to muddy waters. It's divine.

However, there's 87 bottles of nailpolish in my box. That's a lot. Sure, still nothing compared to my record-collection or even my pez-collection, but still. Can I justify a new buy? I already know the answer seeing as most of you are hardcore polishoholics, but I'm not there yet.
So, I decided to franken myself if not a dupe, then something similar. My first attempt just looked like snow that had an unfortunate encounter with a bunch of dogs. My 2nd attempt got way too much blue in it and I just couldn't get it more...swampy. Muddy swamp, not the Swamp thing, he's far too neon!

My 3rd attempt looks nothing like Zombie zest but I think I still like it. I should add some brown polish to the batch to make it look more like what I was looking for but hey, I don't even have a brown nailpolish! Which brings me to the conclusion - sure, I can buy more nailpolish. I don't even have a brown yet!
And when I got thinking, I realized that my frankening had used up some of my favorite polish, and we can't have that can we, so I really need to replace my Nail junkie from Sinful as well as Yellow polka dot bikini från China glaze (which is the two biggest ingredients in the franken above. I also used the Happy Grey mentioned earlier and one of my own purple helly frankens).

So now I am saving up money for more polish...and I'm only using ugly polish for frankening. Ugly plus ugly must be a good thing, plus, I won't be wasting the good stuff.

A white week, a wet weekend

It's not that I have fallen out of love with polish and it's siblings for the face, but I just hadn't had any time over to have them come visit. I've been in a grey zone, reading up on social research methods and doing what a good student does.

Now it's finally weekend and I get to indulge. What do I do? Go grey completely. A good grey though. Not that there are any bad grey shades, it's just a metaphor. A saying that completely buries the sweet color that it is. Our very first pastel. The first color, a baby of the two non-colors black and white.
This, as it has been lately, is yet another good one from HM. I never thought I'd say it, but that brand has it's moments. Not when it comes to clothes or accessories, but certainly nailpolish and sometimes even makeup.

This is a grey creme that isn't as opaque as one would wish but just as it's named Happy grey, it is a happy color. Has a warm tone to it that makes it more vivid. It might not change the world, but it's a good polish. Smaller bottle that the ones I've been buying in the past, but still, a 10,5ml (0,3fl oz) will last you a ... month or so. The bottle itself is more stylish than HM's bottles usually are and it feels more Top Shop than HM with it's "I love beauty" message on the cap.

The other polish in the picture is a cheapie, Tropical Manicure shade #65, that will probably accompany this grey later on this weekend. Right now, the grey looks like a good friend but I just know, it won't last. I am not grey. A wallflower may be, but certainly not grey.