Foxes on the run

My makeup bag is unexistant; basically just Eyeko's mascara and fatbalm plus different types of eh...bodygrease. My skin is paperthin and chafing like it's it main purpose in life. But yes, of course there's some Zombie zest in there. A girl needs some purchased scruffiness, can't be going for pretty all the time.
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Post surgery

I look like an ogre after having to clean my hair and skin with desinfectant soap, and I feel like one. You don't realize how dependant you've become on skincare, deoderant and make up until you're told it's a bigger no-no than B.O and a nose redder than Rudolph's. Guess who's going to put on more make-up than Dame Edna the minute she gets out of here.
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Another thing I don't get

The cracked nails by BYS had me interested. The cracked/graffiti nails by Isadora didn't. Then Barry M released their version of the cracked nails and suddenly, I'm interested again. One could guess that this strange reaction might have something to do with my aversion to Isadora's mighty big brush? I definitely think it does so to prove myself wrong and write myself off as a bitter tart, I bought a bottle of Graffiti nails by Isadora. At a sale, but still, I purchased it. Color called Masterpiece pink. Put it over Purple pop by China Glaze which had topcoat of HM's Hello Kitty Glitter purple, which together was arather stunning Liberace-style type of manicure.

Now my nails look like varicose veins . That's mighty Halloween, isn't it?
Sure, it dries ultra-fast. An easy way to spice up an old worn manicure when you're too darn lazy to deal with it and you know that glitter isn't what you're looking for
My result was so Eh.. that I didn't even botter with cleaning up - this comes off in the shower in an hour.

Be purple, be yourself

You know it's Wear purple day?
I know all these colors and ribbons confuse a lot of people, for instance October is pink as well as green, but every now and then, there's just that something you know you need to support.This is one of mine. I'm wearing Grape pop by China Glaze (a nice creme that is opaque in one coat) and if it wasn't for this very occasion I wouldn't have noticed that I have far less bottles of purple nailpolish than of any other color. I think I need to scout for some more. Say, what's your favorite purple?

In the picture you see two HM Hello Kitty glitters in purple, Grape pop by China Glaze and in the back, the matte version of Lincoln park after dark by OPI, a purple that is so dark it's almost black.

Do you ever find yourself staring at your bottles?

I've been spending some quality time with My private jet lately. It's one of those polishes that people tend to love or hate, and I've been in neither category. Until now.

I had applied two layers of MNY's 669, a perfect graphite grey, but the application wasn't perfect. Far from it. Instead of starting over, I decided to do some layering. Add some depth. One layer of My private jet made it look nice and the 2nd livened it up good! Took the yellow tint out of the MNY and brought some of the teal from the OPI. The result in itself isn't that interesting but my experience with My own private jet made me revaluate that particular polish. It may chip pretty darn fast but it most definitely brings something new to the party every time. Depending on the weather and the light, it looks completely different. My daughter described as Turd-polish and from a distance, sure. This summer I could only see the teal shine through but as autumn approached with it's specific light, suddenly, it's more pink'ish brown. What will it look like when the winter hits with it's icy blue light?

I am so much of a nerd I think I need to google pictures of this polish just to see what it looks like at your place.


Good friends

I've said it before and I will again - go check out your local MNY-stand. Us europeans aren't that used to getting good nailpolish for cheap, so I for one, jumped and will jump again at the opportunity.
My combo of the raspberry red jelly (holo)glitter on top of the egg yolk creme held on for dear life - 7 days on the nails. No topcoat but Orly bonder as a base.
Below you see them swatched. One coat with a 2nd as a french manicure.

A little purple never hurt nobody

When life gives you lemons, you really wish somebody would make that perfect lemon-yellow jello nailpolish.
When you look like you haven't slept in days, so go with the flow and add some more red and purple.

In the rearviewmirror

I never did snap a good picture of the MNY-polish that got me all dizzy with excitement, #665, so I decided to do that today. Unfortunately, it's cloudy and that polish needs a bit of sun to come to life, but I compared it to Orly's Witches Blue so you could get a hint on where on the colorscale this lands.
MNY's blue is a greyish blue, like good ink. First layer is a lot more grey but the more layer you add, the more the blue comes out. MNY is the one closest to the camera. Both 2 layers on no base and no top.

My guess is tht the MNY #665 is close to another lemming of mine, OPI's Ink. Does anybody know how they compare? Is OPI more purple like Indian Ink?

Care for the necessities?

I rarely try to fix what goes wrong during the day. If it slides, let it slide. Smudges? Ah, never did mind a smokey eye.
I rarely bring makeup with me unless I travel. During the day, I don't do nothing that could be considered maintenance, so concealer, powder and all that stays at home. Don't fix it if it isn't broken and if it is, focus on better things.

Now I don't know if it's you guys that got me thinking I should or if it's maybe, or more likely, my aging that has made me think that I need hourly maintenance, but I finally bought a nice makeup case to come along in my bag. Now I just need to figure out what needs to be in it. Toothpaste, Carmex, concealer and what more? What is it that you all bring with you? I wouldn't mind bringing my polish so we could cuddle and make out, but I wouldn't use it.

The vanity bag is a Sourpuss bought through Bad Reputation. It's Misfits and the very same image that my husband has tattooed on his chest. Keeping it in the family, sort of.

What you need

I was debating whether I'd post this or not. The reason is something as superficial as I don't like how beat I look in the photo. My eyes look dead to the world. The photo in itself is nothing worth posting either.

However, it's the only photo I have of a polish I really think a lot of you will like and maybe even love when you realize how darn cheap it is!
It's my favorite of the MNY nailpolish I bought a while back: Did you ever wish you'd have hair the color of Wonderwoman's? Blackish with a blueish tint? I did. I still do. The nailpolish #665 is that very color. Looks black from afar but when the light hits it directly, it's dark blue. Opaque in one coat, easy to work with. Stays on forever. 29.50:- for 7ml.

The eyes is Eyeko's Magic liner dipped in Face Stockhom's matte eyeshadow Stillness. The makeup is a bit worn, you're catching me on the way home after a day at the libraby.

Below is a picture that Anso snapped. Shows even less of the nails but atleast I don't look sad.

on the run

Rescue beauty lounge's Recycle with Wet n wild's Kaleidoscope on top. Pic taken with my sweet little Android. Decided I wanted to see what a blogpost from my new mobile would look like.
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88 bottles of polish on the...

New month, new post. I'm not dead, nor have I stopped looking for the perfect nailpolish. I know it's out there.
But, there's a but, 3 weeks before my back-surgery, my body decided to give me all it got, and I'm to the point where I thank God for having ultra-short nails or they would have not only dug through flesh, but gotten stuck. So, while I have been made up all pretty like a peek-ture with nails to match, I just haven't had the energy to do anything other than the most important task. Note that I consider putting on makeup and nailpolish two important tasks. I know that some people find that odd and that it shouldn't even be a priority, but it is. Making me look and feel like I have somewhere to go and something to do while I am in reality just sobbing at home, makes life a little easier. I guess we're talking about the outlook on life. Making me look like trash just because I feel like last week's worth isn't going to help.

Now on to the good stuff - what a lot of you guys have been doing lately ; showing your Helmers.
I don't have a Helmer and I am trying to settle on never ending up with one, but seeing as this is the polish I've acquired since April, I should never say never.
88 bottles in all their glory and as you an see, I am no brand-ho.
Along with what was already in my boxes before I started blogging, I have 101 more polishes than I have nails. That's not sane.