Nailpeeps are catpeeps, right?

This blog arose from the ashes.... well no, not really. This blog got started in grief. Knee deep, over and out. 2 days before I started it, I had to say goodbye to two companions that I had by my side for more than 10 years. The older cat (approximately 17 years old) had been ill for a long time and the younger, the 14 year old black devil, was starting to show the same signs but at a more rapid pace. As they had been sidekicks for a good 12 years, I decided they went together. Leaving one just to deteriorate while missing her friend, just to have to be put to sleep a few months later didn't seem all that human. Left all alone with mad as a hatter-dog Roky was the newbie Sigrid and a few days ago, she finally got a sidekick of her own, Vera. I must admit I cried my eyes out before picking her up - was I really over the other two? Was it right to get a new cat so soon? But then again, is 9 months really to be considered soon? I guess it goes to show how important those two cats were to me.

The polish in the picture arrived that very same day and she, yes that tiny little mitten, thought it was a plaything for her. Guess she's found the perfect household to make her kingdom? The polish in question is LA Girls' Rock star in a glitterpacked color with the very fitting name Overdose. I guess Vera likes glitter?


Dealing polish

A month ago, I fell in love. For so many years, all throughout my pre-teens and teens, french blue which is also called royal blue, was my favorite color. A nailpolish that color and my favorite finish, jelly, add to that was just to good to be true.
The sweet kitten, sorry, fierce feline, that is Alizarine claws, she bought it for me and just in time for Christmas, I got that and 3 other beauties.
I have yet to try the majority of them out, but I applied Sinful Colors' San fransisco on my nails a few days ago and it's holding up too darn good to be removed. I never was a green type of girl, but I think it is starting to grow on me (no pun). It is something about the Sinful colors' bottles that makes the polish look perfect. Almost better than they do on the nail. This particular polish looks a lot darker in the bottle than on the nail, it's rather sheer, and reminds me a lot of that warm -toned pinetree-colored paint a lot of classic (muscle)cars have.

The other green in the photo above, Edie from Color club is more turquoise than green, but has actually been a lemming of mine. Number three in the tree is Color club's Youthquake.

Now my next concern is; what do you send the polish-girl that has it all and then some? Get her addicted to lipgloss?

If it glitters...

..it is gold! The golden polish might not be 24 karat but that's what it's called. It's from Pieces, a brand that mostly carries accessories, and it was a streaky mess, but also quite inexpensice (ie dirt-cheap). On top, the beloved Party hearty from China glaze. And yup, this was before clean-up
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Every gal needs a magic wand, right?

Yet another win from the NYX-giveaway and another item I have an issue with; the applicator. I have always felt that the tip, or the brush, is rather unhygenic, so I never buy lipglosses with this type of applicator. I guess that's a reason I used to love Lancome's Juicy tubes.
But now I have this NYX lipgloss, Crystal soda, and it's rather cute in it's peachy glitter smelling like Dr Pepper, so I would like to use it. That is if I can get past my aversion for the lipgloss-wand. Please tell me I am not alone in this?

Pretty pencil

My nails have been in a poor condition lately so there's nothing to show there but I will show you my favorite companion. Atleast lately, it has been. Over the top by Essie, an old one that proves that Essie still has it when it needs to. A nice graphite, the nicest of them all. It's a shimmer but the shimmer is subtle and doesn't make a messy application where you'll know exactly how and where the brush has been. It's so nice I'm getting a 2nd one for later.

Like a virgin

I won a giveaway recently that I entered mostly because it was something I have never used and never thought of using. Just thinking about this item makes me realize why I love nailpolish so much : it's easy, lasts for days and it won't smudge in the rain or fall off if you're having too much of a good time.
It's nothing like a perfect red lipstick....that will end up all over your partner's face if you fancy a snogging. Nailpolish, it's the direct opposite of fake eyelashes.
Now I have these. They are mine. To be used when I pick up the kid at daycare? Working on a paper on sense of coherence? Or maybe when I am out and about, and to be forever lost in a drink?
When do you wear these types of things?

Lemme give you some money

While I may not be the most active blogger at the moment (a bit underwhelmed by my nails and face at the moment), I read a lot of blogs. I may be a bit underwhelmed by bloggers en masse as well, but there are some blogs that just make logging in worth while. A "Nice post" doesn't do much and regularly commenting might do some more, but I think Flattr would do the most. A lot of blogs I read and in particular polish-blogs aren't part of a clique and they don't get send a lot of items for reviews. Most of the blogs I read, the people buy their own stash and they blog because they like to do it. It's a hobby.

That's where I think Flattr would come in handy. I'd like to leave something in the tip-jar when I read an excellent post by a blogger that isn't swamped by freebies or ads. I would really like it if you had a tip-jar. Flattr is sort of a tip-jar. It requires that you're activated and you wouldn't mind tipping yourself, but most importantly, it means I could tip.

Please sign up so that I can have a chance to show you that you're writing some great stuff!

This is what it would look like on a Flattr-post but don't Flattr this because it's nothing to Flattr. Start using it instead!

Flattr this

A hand model she will never be!

What do you get if you take one bitter old mom trying to create the girly-girliest party ever? It was pink, pink, silver, oh the tiaras! pink glitter, some purple and hey, it's 1 am!
You get a mom that gets so fed off with all that princess-shite that she turns herself into the wicked witch from the North. Atleast as far as the nail went. A witch I already am. China Glaze's L8R G8R and MNY's black 677. The latter was a thick mess that sort of ruined the manicure, but hey, if you're a wicked witch and it's 1 am, who gives a damn?

In the next few days, I might add some Party hearty by China Glaze to make it a little less in your face.


The nails

There's been a post everybody's been doing lately and you could call it scare-tactics ; don't go without basecoat / don't ever start using polish / get acrylics, but whatever you may call it, it still has some odd appeal. If your nails are covered by an opaque medium 99% of the time, seeing them without feels almost perverted. Pure nudity, bareing it all.
Here's my nudity that's the direct opposite to porn;
I rarely wear basecoat, my cuticles don't ever get any TLC, the nails are thorn and this was taken after having been cleaning the flat - it dosn't get any worse.

You know you want to

I don't know how much you are all into the Christmas spirit-thing or if it's just about trying to avoid being dragged into a Secret Santa-exchange, but a lot of beautybloggers have giveaways this season. All in the name of giving. Most of the time you don't have to believe in poor baby Jebus, you don't have to decorate your home all like Rachel Ray does or even own a single Christmas sweater to enter.
I know a lot of bloggers are doing this, but the two I am keeping my eye on are the Lipgloss-girls:

Today they both have items I not just wouldn't mind, but would probably give an eye or a thumb for:
the swedish Lipgloss have a NYX-themed giveaway while the british Lipgloss have a Sleek-themed giveaway. You know you want to enter, don't you? Click on the images.