Good head

These last 3 years, I have had black hair. Doesn't need as much maintenance as my pink/red/petrol/turquoise/purple/emerald did. Keeping my mohawk trimmed and colorful was a handful.

Which leads me to why I am writing this post; so many years have passed since I used my first La Riche (I went pink at 20) that there has to be something better on the market. Something that is permanent and doesn't keep on staining and draining? Something that can handle a bit of rain?

(Good head? By Turbonegro)


Megan Harmeyer said...

Love the title to this post! I'm not much help to you - I haven't dyed my hair in YEARS.

Lina said...

Special effects make the best extreme hairdyes ever. Quite expensive compared to directions, but totally worth it. In sweden you can get it from http://www.madamelepink.com/ .

schmut said...

->Lina; Tried Special effects Atomic Pink as well as Cherry bomb (granted, maybe 5 yars ago) and I didn't think they were any different than Stargazer and Directions ; they still fade and stain your pillow.

Anonymous said...

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