Makes me blush (literally)

I haven't been around much lately (papers and essays are due) but today is a good day to post;
Lacquerized made an appearance and former beauty-blogger Bjooti made a re-appareance as a lipstick-blogger.

That gave me inspiration to post about one thing that I have put off posting because it seems so dull. Rouge, blush or whatever you may call it, is not something you get excited about, is it? I rarely find one worth keeping. My love for blush started with Make up Store's lovely blush in a cute bubblegum pink (called Chic). It was a 3-in-1 product from Jessica Simpson's Dessert treats that was followed by Eyeko's fatbalm in Raspberry.

Lately, it's been a Mosaic powder from NYX that's been swirled, dotted and dusted. I won it in a giveaway but as I haven't seen it mentioned in any blogs (lately), I think it needs to be mentioned (again and again). Mine is Plummy and can be blended into a couple of different shades (as they all can).

Reading this I realize that this is yet another giveaway post. Why is it that I am more amazed by the things I win than by the things I buy?


nailspotting said...

Of course you can get excited about blush! I love finding a good blush but it's not easy finding a good one, being so pale as I am :(

schmut said...

->Nailspotting; While it's a lot easier these days to find foundations for the milky-whites, finding a good blush that won't make you look like cast from an old 80's soap isn't.
So, when you do, you really need to stock up. I'm getting more of this one

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