My secret stash

I guess it comes to no surprise that while I may not update all that often, I tend to capture every polish, makeup or lipstick that has ever entered my personal space.
Most of these photos never see the light of day, or the www of the internet because
A) I am to lazy to blog
B) the photos from my phone are rather crappy and not very color-accurate.
I take a picture because I don't want to miss the opportunity, but when it turns out to be all shite, it's a waste of bandwidth and time.

However, before I delete these off my phone, I am making a Spamapalooza-post so that all that time wasted won't feel as wasted.

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Megan Harmeyer said...

Great montage! You may not like the pics, but I do. I think we're much harder on ourselves than fellow bloogers are. Thanks for sharing your "dislikes" with us.

helena said...

I liked the pictures :)

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