She's got red lips, she's got blood on her fingertips

There's a red theme going around and I am guessing it was Lipglossiping that kickstarted it all with her Red series, encouraging everybody to wear a bit of red.
I do have what I consider the perfect red, Devil from Make up Store, which is a cold scarlet red. Rarely wear it though because a good red requires impeccable skin, white teeth and being able to remember you are indeed wearing makeup. I have and am neither. Rather than wear more cover and remember to be a lady at all times, I just don't wear red.
But when I do, like today while taking the dog for a walk in the pouring rain, I look like that. Add a flash and you get that startled I didn't do what you just think I did-look.

Now the other Lipgloss-blogger, Lipglossbitch has her 3 from 1 going on and this week, it's all about budget lipstick. Now I must confess that I am not sure what budget means deep down because really, all the cheap american brands cost a lot more over here (compared to what you guys pay) so in the end, it doesnt mean much. I guess one could call it drugstore-brands but I would have to pay just as much for a L'Oreal as I pay for my favorite brand Make up store.
That being said, I picked my favorite 5 of which 2 are from Make up store, ie, not a drugstore-brand. They all come in the 100-150 sek range ($14.98 to $22.50)
From above;
Make up Store's Berry
Make up Store's Devil
Sephora's own 829 (991)
Nivea's Chocolat Exquis (85)
Sephora's own 664 (971)

The Sephora lipsticks were bought as a part of a lot on Ebay. A lot that had all types of red, some blue, some yellow, some green etc.The best lipstick I have ever come across - highly pigmented, easy to work with and stays on like a charm. My favorite lipstick of the bunch above is the first, sheer and as if you had just had some raspberries. You can see the color better below.


Olivia said...

With a name like Devil, I like it. I love those scarlet cool toned reds. That one looks good on you and I love your hairstyle!

Skulda said...

Well at least you can pull it off. I'm more of a berry-purple person myself.
Maybe I'll bleach my teeth and see how it goes.

makeupoholic said...

Det är så fasligt snyggt med röda läppstift och på bilden har du ju alla attribut som behövs för att bära upp det - mörkt hår (röda läppar snyggast på mörkhåriga tycker jag), ljus och felfri hy och vita tänder.

Det där med tänderna är knepigt, även om de ser rätt vita ut när man är naturell så kan vissa röda läppstift verkligen få dem att se gula ut!

schmut said...

->Olivia & Skulda: Thanks. I'm guessing it's the flash and that white light that makes it easier to pull off. In real life, it didn't look that smashing. I've been told though that cold tones are more flattering to stained teeth than warm tones. Makes sense.

->Makeupoholic: Tackar men mycket av det är blixtens verkan - allt blev supervitt. När det gäller röda läppstift tror jag verkligen på den gamla sanningen att de med lite gulare/oblekta tänder bör hålla sig till kalla läppstiftsfärger om de känner sig osäkra. Har man däremot blekt tänderna till en mer blå nyans alternativt har kronor, bör man köra med varma toner

Megan Harmeyer said...

I really like the Sephora's Own Berry - it's my kind of color. That red looks awesome on you (I'm definitely not "brave" enough to sport the knockout red like that)!

KarenD said...

I carry lipstick around with me most days; I just rarely remember to apply it.

Passing fancy said...

omg, great colors of lipstick!:O

Sminkan said...

Snygg bild, snyggt läppstift! JAg gillar energin!

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