Some polishes are neither or

A while back, just before Christmas, I spotted these and had to get 3 for 69 sek. Dirtcheap, definitely dirtcheap. I remembered having seen them over at Saint-Bella's blog and I had been looking for them ever since because I can't resist trying a new brand. Plus, I like the design. I know that most polish-connoisseurs aren't fond of square bottles but I prefer them as it makes storage so much easier. The selection available wasn't very exciting but I managed to get 3 that weren't far too similar to anything in my collection.

However, the formula is hardly worth the 23 sek($3.48) each bottle cost. It's thick. Not even thick as syrup, thick as honey that's been in the fridge. The gold was thick and streaky.
However, they're durable. Really durable. Haven't been using base- or topcoat and it stays on for 4 days without any major chipping. I guess that this means it was actually worth it even though it was a pain in the **** to use. I also guess I should buy some nail-polish thinner.


you nailed it! said...

they do need a bit of shaking and are quite thick but I have some that are one coaters and here (netherlands) the range of colors is quite big where i bought them

Liene said...

Such a shame that they are thick. The one on the left looks stunning, reminds ink. Is it blue/violet or just looks so in picture?

schmut said...

->You nailed it: I've seen that the range can be quite nice (googled the brand) but the displays I have seen over here has been all muddy colors. I get that it's the trend, but really, I like a little of both and then some to be pleased.
The gold-polish above though was well worth the money because even if it's a mess to apply, it's a great gold on the nail.

->Liene: Unfortunately it's the picture playing tricks on you. Or rather, the bottle. It's rather thick glass so it almost illuminates the polish from the inside. In reality, that's a dark (cold) purple creme.

SaintBella said...

Mina var helt okej när jag swatchade dem, men när jag kollade här om dagen så fick jag knappt upp penseln för den hade fastnat i lacket. Så himla trött man blir.

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