Should we cut organic brands some more slack?

Is it okay to completely diss a new independant brand? An organic brand? Should we give one of the good guys less critique? I must confess that my Smashit knockdown (over and out in less than one hour) makes me feel like a super-evil villain, but at the same time, if I had tried it at a store, I wouldn't have bought it.

However, now that I have it in my hand, I will use it. It works ok if I skip the daycream and if I don't use my beloved Davines face-balm (more on that later). It works on a makeup for dropping the kid off at day-care level, but I wouldn't wear it when I go out or when I want a foundation.
It's really too bad because the Milk-shade is perfect for my skin. It matches my neck perfectly which no other foundation has.
Above you see it next to my daycream which is a creamy white, and on a blueish buttercup from Royal Copenhagen. It is the perfect tone for my skin.
However, on a closeup on my dry skin (the back of my hand) you see that the formula is rather greasy and has a tendency to run, leaving a finish that makes you wonder if you have had a snail visiting. A snail that also took a slimy walk in your compact foundation before moving on to your skin...
So, please Smashit, work on the formula. Work hard, work harder and I will love you forever. You have a good thing going here as you are one of the first brands that have realized swedish women are pale as ghosts. And please remember that products that were furnished for reviews are not purchased and those reviews shouldn't be referred to as praise from customers.

As it is now, I am not impressed.


nathalie said...

I'm all for organic skin care and I'm all for independant brands. That being said, how we feel should always be spoken even if we embrace the concept of a brand. If a small brand take criticism positively, this might help them to develop something even better.

Now I must say that having a very dry and dehydrated skin (pure avocado oil night and day isn't even enough to make it normal), this foundation sounds damn appealing to me. I love light coverage and I don't even need to mention that the shade that would fit me (for once). It's a shame that brands don't care more about pale beauties. Sisley has a foundation that has a shade close to the one you're showing but I don't use it because it dries my skin out terribly (and it's a bit too yellow toned). Does the perfect foundation even exist anyway?

schmut said...

->Nathalie; I also have dry skin but it still won't work. I was thinking that maybe it was clashing with my balm that I use to remove my makeup, but even without, it's still greasy. It never really dries around the eyes and nose. I'm going to give it another few days because it's a shame really as the shade is perfect.

Maybe you should contact the brand? I know they have certainly taken their time to invest in networking with bloggers and pr through blogs, so maybe you could open up for them in France? ;)

Lithia Black said...

Thank you for an honest review!
I'm on foundation hunt and was considering Smashit since they were organic, locally produced and had a pale enough tone.
I think I'll have to go back to mineral make up again...

organic cosmetics said...

I think the organic pick is an ideal one.I am also using a lot of organic make up and seeing the difference on my skin.It is good to stay away from chemicals as far as possible.

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