Gimme head? The ultimate makeover

Having had the flu for quite some time, I have been bedridden in front of the telly. Day-time tv brings quite a few surprises (not all good) and a couple of laughs. My guilty pleasure is Top model. Not the whole show, but especially the makeover part or when they slather on makeup as if it was wallpaint. That process is something I like - the transformation. It has less to do with beauty, finding it or enhancing it, as it has to do with passing the canvas over to someone else. What would you do with this hair? This face?

I guess that's why I don't get why so many of the girls cry when they get their hair cut short or dyed blond. When they moan about looking like a boy because they don't get to wear lipstick or moan that they look goth because their lipstick is dark. I simply just don't get it. Isn't that the fun part about makeup and hairdye - being able to do whatever and then move on or go back?

I certainly wish somebody would do something fun or exciting with my head. Or even better, what if you could just swap heads? Try on somebody else's face for a change?

This nonsense could be stemming from the fact that while sick, I have had a hard time getting the energy to put on mascara (on the lashes and not the lid) and sport any other look than the red nostrils and puffy eyes. I'm so over the natural look and I desperately need some color right about now and not just on telly.


Manchester Photographer said...

Photoshoot Makeover.. What a shoot for eye.. really love it...

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