Biting my tongue

Have you ever heard, or read, me raving over a gloss? It never happened. I am not a glossy girl. I dislike the so-called wands (aka applicator), and I think they're rather unhygienic and definitely not superior to the Juicy Tube-packaging. However, this time I will bite my tongue. All wands are not evil (even if they are per definition) if they belong to a darling gloss. Such a gloss is L'oréal's 6 H Glam shine in a fruity yellow, Fresh Lemon Tonic.
Other than making your lips look as if you just had a nice nectarine, it doesn't get sticky, lasts a couple of hours and the packaging is quite nice. Holding it in my hand makes me feel like something Milla Jovovich has played in a/any movie. The only downside is the fragrance - smells like my grandma's perfume.

Now, if I had a nice blueish/purple lipstick I would swatch it over that, but as I don't, I won't. Now where to find  a good blue lipstick?


helena said...

barry m, metallic blue!

SilhouetteScreams said...

Okay, as soon as this is out in my country I NEED it in my life! *ignores the unused green lipgloss in her stash*

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