The end is near - Return of the fuglies

While we're on the subject of biting our tongues, why not add this ;

I have worn a coral nailpolish and I liked it.

It's from MNY, got it as a gift a few months back and the number is scratched off (but I think it must be 349). Albeit a dark coral, it's still more orange than red and with a dusty tone, thus coral. Somewhat on the sheer side. I have worn it twice. My legs didn't shake, I didn't throw up and I didn't turn into a granny, but I did have a prolapse. Can I blame it on the coral? Probably not as that's all genetic but being one big sour puss, I really would have wanted to.

First the lipgloss and now this! Is the world as we know it coming to an end?
Well, I must say while it might not have inspired me to do drastic things, it most definitely has challenged me to boldly go where no (wo)man has gone before:
the fuglies.
The rest of this summer will be devoted to all things I dislike. Next up? Huckle Buckle, nasty frosty lavender polish from Essie that I purchased online thinking it was charcoal grey with a blueish tint. What's the lesson kids? Always google for swatches before spending a dime! Fellow bloggers are your best bet when it comes to saving money.


Nailtastic said...

Haha, jag har chockat mig själv den här sommaren genom att plötsligt älska alla rosa nagellack. Rosa, jag?! Chockerande är vad det är. :-)

nihrida said...

It happened to me as well. I bought Essence in Wake Me Up, which is a really bright (almost neon) coral and it looks like your MNY. I wore it and loved it. =D

Alex said...

What a gorgeous colour!!! Love the style of your blog, too. :)


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