Summing it up

Right now, this is all I am about. Not clashing, as these 3 green polishes seem to do in the picture above, but everything green ( the allotment), running and well, green polish. I figured that the scented polish would be right up my alley, but the formula is off. Runny, never dries and doesn't chip but peel off like it was that type of nailpolish. I keep on returning to it, thinking that this time around I'll get it right and it will be me and The lime starts here together forever. We still haven't gotten there.

Edie is another green gal I would love to love, I really do, but she looks sick on my nails. Something about my skin and that polish definitely clashes.

The third of the bunch, Green-wich village is not a favorite at all, but counting nailtime, you could think it was. It's the green I always end up with and today is no exception.

I guess what I am saying is that I need to go on a green-hunt. A proper pea-green. Or fresh broad beans green. Maybe even a mangold green? Any ideas?


KarenD said...

Oh greens ... I'm sure you have great ones in brands I never see here.

féline-alizarine said...

Mmm... Grönt. :) Ärtgrönt. Får det vara konserverade ärter? xD Annars har Depend en jäkla najs, något kallare, något mörkare, grön ute nu. 24... någonting. 247? 249? Ehh. *går och lägger mig*

Karianne said...

H&M I'm Not A Kiwi er ganske sånn der ertegrønn. Ny i butikk nå. :)

schmut said...

->Karen D : I am sure we do but since I am out of the loop, I was hoping somebody had something to say and, what do you know, they had!

->Feline & Karianne: Depend har jag inte mycket koll på men ska ta en runda imorgon och leta efter snygga grönisar och kanske även en snygg gulorange, vilket torde vara den mest ofrächa färgen för nagellack

hair stylist said...

I want to thanks for sharing that wit us. Oh Green ... I'm sure you have wonderful ones in models I never see here.

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