Week of fuglies, take 2

This image got lost somewhere in between my phone and this blog, but finally, here it is.
The 2nd manicure in the week of fuglies was a manicure that turned out better than expected; a neon pink + a bubblegum pink.
Youthquake by Color Club topped with a crackle nailpolish by Isadora (which they refer to as a Graffiti nail top) in Masterpiece pink.
It didn't last very long and chipped within a few hours (the polish from Isadora is thick and not doing well) but it didn't look fugly. A fuglyfail minus the fugly and yeah, it wasn't a fail.


nihrida said...

What a gorgeous photo!!! <3

Megan Harmeyer said...

I saw the pic and thought: Wow...that's not a fail at all!! I really like the contrast of the two colors. Very much NOT a fail. Or a fugly.

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