Good head

These last 3 years, I have had black hair. Doesn't need as much maintenance as my pink/red/petrol/turquoise/purple/emerald did. Keeping my mohawk trimmed and colorful was a handful.

Which leads me to why I am writing this post; so many years have passed since I used my first La Riche (I went pink at 20) that there has to be something better on the market. Something that is permanent and doesn't keep on staining and draining? Something that can handle a bit of rain?

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7 random facts that aren't so random when you come to think of it

I've been tagged for 7 random things meme which is also called Stylish Blogger Award. Figuring this blog is about whatever you put on your face, nails or hair, I decided to stick to my theme. I am not tagging anybody, I'm encouraging you to steal it.
  • I recently purchased my first black nailpolish but I have yet to wear it. Always thought black as too obvious, too overused and just too cliché. So no, I have never worn black nailpolish.
  • Crayons makes me want to put on make-up. I am not sure this is a good thing or what it says about me but it's true.
  • When I was 13, I thought white and emerald-green was a killer combo on the eyelids. For a long, long time I really thought it was.
  • I'm a blond. Somewhere inbetween golden blond and dirty blond. With my big brown eyes and somewhat prominent chin, somebody told me it made me look like Tori Spelling and I haven't been natural since I was 14.
  • I used to have 7 piercings but all but one are retired. I still miss my stretched lobes, but I had to let them go when my kid though they were good things to pull.
  • Don't even own one item from Mac and I am proud. Haven't even been tempted.
  • I rarely use perfume. Not just because I'm asthmatic, but because I think most scents remind me of Joan Collins. I prefer the Library of Fragrances series where the scents are the ones we remember from daily life and special occasions.

My secret stash

I guess it comes to no surprise that while I may not update all that often, I tend to capture every polish, makeup or lipstick that has ever entered my personal space.
Most of these photos never see the light of day, or the www of the internet because
A) I am to lazy to blog
B) the photos from my phone are rather crappy and not very color-accurate.
I take a picture because I don't want to miss the opportunity, but when it turns out to be all shite, it's a waste of bandwidth and time.

However, before I delete these off my phone, I am making a Spamapalooza-post so that all that time wasted won't feel as wasted.

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Some polishes are neither or

A while back, just before Christmas, I spotted these and had to get 3 for 69 sek. Dirtcheap, definitely dirtcheap. I remembered having seen them over at Saint-Bella's blog and I had been looking for them ever since because I can't resist trying a new brand. Plus, I like the design. I know that most polish-connoisseurs aren't fond of square bottles but I prefer them as it makes storage so much easier. The selection available wasn't very exciting but I managed to get 3 that weren't far too similar to anything in my collection.

However, the formula is hardly worth the 23 sek($3.48) each bottle cost. It's thick. Not even thick as syrup, thick as honey that's been in the fridge. The gold was thick and streaky.
However, they're durable. Really durable. Haven't been using base- or topcoat and it stays on for 4 days without any major chipping. I guess that this means it was actually worth it even though it was a pain in the **** to use. I also guess I should buy some nail-polish thinner.

She's got red lips, she's got blood on her fingertips

There's a red theme going around and I am guessing it was Lipglossiping that kickstarted it all with her Red series, encouraging everybody to wear a bit of red.
I do have what I consider the perfect red, Devil from Make up Store, which is a cold scarlet red. Rarely wear it though because a good red requires impeccable skin, white teeth and being able to remember you are indeed wearing makeup. I have and am neither. Rather than wear more cover and remember to be a lady at all times, I just don't wear red.
But when I do, like today while taking the dog for a walk in the pouring rain, I look like that. Add a flash and you get that startled I didn't do what you just think I did-look.

Now the other Lipgloss-blogger, Lipglossbitch has her 3 from 1 going on and this week, it's all about budget lipstick. Now I must confess that I am not sure what budget means deep down because really, all the cheap american brands cost a lot more over here (compared to what you guys pay) so in the end, it doesnt mean much. I guess one could call it drugstore-brands but I would have to pay just as much for a L'Oreal as I pay for my favorite brand Make up store.
That being said, I picked my favorite 5 of which 2 are from Make up store, ie, not a drugstore-brand. They all come in the 100-150 sek range ($14.98 to $22.50)
From above;
Make up Store's Berry
Make up Store's Devil
Sephora's own 829 (991)
Nivea's Chocolat Exquis (85)
Sephora's own 664 (971)

The Sephora lipsticks were bought as a part of a lot on Ebay. A lot that had all types of red, some blue, some yellow, some green etc.The best lipstick I have ever come across - highly pigmented, easy to work with and stays on like a charm. My favorite lipstick of the bunch above is the first, sheer and as if you had just had some raspberries. You can see the color better below.

Sale for life

I'm in the middle of exams but I had to treat myself to a palette. It might be Hello Kitty which I still can't stand, but nice colors and it was on sale...so. My 3rd Hello Kitty palette.
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Makes me blush (literally)

I haven't been around much lately (papers and essays are due) but today is a good day to post;
Lacquerized made an appearance and former beauty-blogger Bjooti made a re-appareance as a lipstick-blogger.

That gave me inspiration to post about one thing that I have put off posting because it seems so dull. Rouge, blush or whatever you may call it, is not something you get excited about, is it? I rarely find one worth keeping. My love for blush started with Make up Store's lovely blush in a cute bubblegum pink (called Chic). It was a 3-in-1 product from Jessica Simpson's Dessert treats that was followed by Eyeko's fatbalm in Raspberry.

Lately, it's been a Mosaic powder from NYX that's been swirled, dotted and dusted. I won it in a giveaway but as I haven't seen it mentioned in any blogs (lately), I think it needs to be mentioned (again and again). Mine is Plummy and can be blended into a couple of different shades (as they all can).

Reading this I realize that this is yet another giveaway post. Why is it that I am more amazed by the things I win than by the things I buy?