New friends

I don't know where and when it happenend but I'm completely smittened by Color club. They might be using stockphotos in their ads but their recent collections Alter ego and the fruit-scented one (name?) really have me hooked.
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A whiter shade of pale

I've used the Smashit foundation for a good 3 weeks and have also I've used all swearwords I know (and that is alot I tell you). Can't get it to work.
Went shopping for a new foundation and was surpised over the lack of shades; it's all peach, almond and bronze. I am neither, I'm pale with something pink going on.

In the end, I ended up going home with what seemed to be the fairest of them all: Max Factor's Xperience in Light Ivory. It most definitely has it's flaws (takes ages to dry) but it was the only one I could find for the time being.
However, I would really like to find a foundation that isn't just ok or good enough, but great! Do you know of any brand that carries milky-white foundation?

Yet another multiproduct to the rescue!

I am not sure if this boils down to me being lazy or cheap, but I do love when I can use a product for more than one thing. The Eyeko fatbalm is one of my favorite products as is Carmex and Arden's 8 hour.
This is another - Davines' Balm that can be used as a conditioner for hair and skin as well as a makeup-remover. Since having cut a mohawk (again), I also use it for styling.

It's organic, has lovely packaging and works wonders. The only issue I have is the fragrance - it has quite a pine scent. Reminds me of grand dad's after shave.

Won this in a giveaway at Naturligt snygg and has since also ordered Davines' Replenishing butter, which is another multiproduct, as well as the Oil.
That's yet another reason giveaways are great - you get a chance to try out a brand you never heard of. I can safely say that if I hadn't won these, I probably never would have bought the butter and oil later on as this is a salon-brand and I am no salon type of girl.

Blank face, blank page

Whenever I come across a product that lets me down or doesn't live up to the hype, it seems I fall out of love with so-called beautyproducts. It has happened before and I would say it's because my love for all things beautyrelated isn't all that deep. I am the first to say it, it isn't. That was one of the reasons I started this blog - it would be a challenge.

And, a challenge it is. What to write about when you're not using all that much makeup at the moment? When you haven't purchased something in a long time?

(I'm so blank I found this in the editor - had forgotten to post it)