It's not you, it's me

If someone was to say that I haven't been around much lately, anyone saying just that would be pretty much spot on. It's not (just) that Rugby beauty filled it's purpose as a way to get myself out of a depressed slump/dump, but because right now there isn't much in the polish and makeup field that excites me (other than Electric Pineapple from China Glaze).

Maybe it all has to do with trends and the fact that this retro 80's floral shite that's so popular right now just isn't my thing. Maybe it's because I cut a mohawk again and whenever I do, I tend to wear less makeup as my hair does most of the talking. While it's plain black right now, as it get's warmer, it might just see some more colors. Whenever I go 'hawk, I find color as you can see to the right. (Bra hårdag means Good hair(day). It's sustainable blogging, recycling old pictures)

Writing about press-releases and things that don't personally interest me is not something I see any point in, so until I spot something I fall head over heels with, this blog might be lacking (original) updates. Links to great blogposts by others as well as exciting ideas,sure, that will still pop up.