It's not you, it's me

Or rather, it's that darn Blogger-app for Android that keeps eating my posts. As I don't have anything that important to say, I haven't bothered using my laptop to rewrite those posts. I am lazy like that. I am also not using all that much makeup for the moment (see 1st image). Partly because we have an (almost) tropic heatwave going on that leaves me looking like cheese fries, but also because I haven't bought any makeup in 2 months. Well, except that Age Renew foundation I found on sale today that needs to replace the Smashit foundation that I am currently using,

I guess that makes me an old (re)tired hag - I hold on to the look I had 15 years ago (see 2nd image) and I barely even keep that updated and fresh. I guess I should move on and start a macrame-blog?

But don't fret. I still read your blogs and Feline, Helena, Sminkan and Rosella still have me yearning for things that I just might buy one day..
And psst, have you seen these pots? That pot of green needs to come home with me!
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