Week of fuglies, take 3

Seeing as the 2nd manicure didn't last longer than a day, I had time to do a third before the week was up. Just as it's precessor, what was in my mind one fugly manicure, it turned out pretty cool. If not cool, it did atleast look a lot nicer on a hot summer's day than it did when I had it on the last time when the world looked like it was drenched in what appeared to be asphalt flavored slush ice.
The polish in question is Love nails by Sinful Colors which is a lot greener than I remembered it to be. Think lagoon minus the creature.
It's more of a shimmer to be used as top (think Lighthouse by China Glaze, the shimmer that brings light to any worn manicure) than a polish as it's quite sheer It took me 5 coats to get opaque.

I don't know what came over me to take the next step, which was matching my makeup with my manicure. I guess it an attempt to make it fugly by hitting the 80's tree all the way down/up. A turquoise smokey eye, but can you even spot it? As always, any color on my eyes seem to just disappear.  I don't mean this literally, I don't need a primer, but that there's already too much color going on that you don't notice much. I just don't know how Cyndi (Lauper, the one and only) managed to pull it off? Was is eyeshadow not by the gram but by the kilogram?

My hair's more peachy/cottoncandy now than it used to be (hoptpink) due to spending a lot of hours at the beach. No extreme haircolor is made for extreme sports..or living for that matter.

Week of fuglies, take 2

This image got lost somewhere in between my phone and this blog, but finally, here it is.
The 2nd manicure in the week of fuglies was a manicure that turned out better than expected; a neon pink + a bubblegum pink.
Youthquake by Color Club topped with a crackle nailpolish by Isadora (which they refer to as a Graffiti nail top) in Masterpiece pink.
It didn't last very long and chipped within a few hours (the polish from Isadora is thick and not doing well) but it didn't look fugly. A fuglyfail minus the fugly and yeah, it wasn't a fail.

Huckle Buckle and the dreaded inch

While looking in the mirror I realized why I dislike this polish and consider it a fugly:
it's so cutesycute that it clashes with my pink hair and it's making me look like I listen to Echobelly and collect fairies. I, for the record, dont. Don't on either.

Guess I will have to either dye my hair jet-black again or just put Huckle Buckle in a long forgotten drawer?

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The end is near - Return of the fuglies

While we're on the subject of biting our tongues, why not add this ;

I have worn a coral nailpolish and I liked it.

It's from MNY, got it as a gift a few months back and the number is scratched off (but I think it must be 349). Albeit a dark coral, it's still more orange than red and with a dusty tone, thus coral. Somewhat on the sheer side. I have worn it twice. My legs didn't shake, I didn't throw up and I didn't turn into a granny, but I did have a prolapse. Can I blame it on the coral? Probably not as that's all genetic but being one big sour puss, I really would have wanted to.

First the lipgloss and now this! Is the world as we know it coming to an end?
Well, I must say while it might not have inspired me to do drastic things, it most definitely has challenged me to boldly go where no (wo)man has gone before:
the fuglies.
The rest of this summer will be devoted to all things I dislike. Next up? Huckle Buckle, nasty frosty lavender polish from Essie that I purchased online thinking it was charcoal grey with a blueish tint. What's the lesson kids? Always google for swatches before spending a dime! Fellow bloggers are your best bet when it comes to saving money.

Biting my tongue

Have you ever heard, or read, me raving over a gloss? It never happened. I am not a glossy girl. I dislike the so-called wands (aka applicator), and I think they're rather unhygienic and definitely not superior to the Juicy Tube-packaging. However, this time I will bite my tongue. All wands are not evil (even if they are per definition) if they belong to a darling gloss. Such a gloss is L'oréal's 6 H Glam shine in a fruity yellow, Fresh Lemon Tonic.
Other than making your lips look as if you just had a nice nectarine, it doesn't get sticky, lasts a couple of hours and the packaging is quite nice. Holding it in my hand makes me feel like something Milla Jovovich has played in a/any movie. The only downside is the fragrance - smells like my grandma's perfume.

Now, if I had a nice blueish/purple lipstick I would swatch it over that, but as I don't, I won't. Now where to find  a good blue lipstick?

Summing it up

Right now, this is all I am about. Not clashing, as these 3 green polishes seem to do in the picture above, but everything green ( the allotment), running and well, green polish. I figured that the scented polish would be right up my alley, but the formula is off. Runny, never dries and doesn't chip but peel off like it was that type of nailpolish. I keep on returning to it, thinking that this time around I'll get it right and it will be me and The lime starts here together forever. We still haven't gotten there.

Edie is another green gal I would love to love, I really do, but she looks sick on my nails. Something about my skin and that polish definitely clashes.

The third of the bunch, Green-wich village is not a favorite at all, but counting nailtime, you could think it was. It's the green I always end up with and today is no exception.

I guess what I am saying is that I need to go on a green-hunt. A proper pea-green. Or fresh broad beans green. Maybe even a mangold green? Any ideas?